The 5 Most Common Habits of 7-Figure Solopreneurs

Ever wonder what separates successful solopreneurs from the rest?

While every journey to a seven-figure income is unique, there are certain habits that many top-performing solopreneurs share. These habits not only drive their success but also help them maintain it.

Here are the five most common habits of 7-figure solopreneurs that you can start adopting today;

1. They Err on the Side of Action

Successful solopreneurs are doers. They think less, talk less, and do more.

They know that overthinking can lead to missed opportunities, so they execute ideas swiftly. By taking action, they create momentum and learn through experience.

Action Tip: Just do it! Trust your instincts and learn as you go.

2. They Take Risks and Embrace Failure

Seven-figure solopreneurs are willing to take risks and aren’t afraid to fail.

They’re willing to suck at doing something new in order to learn how not to do it. They understand that failure is a learning opportunity and that by failing fast, they can improve quickly and refine their strategies.

Action Tip: Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they might not work out. Embrace the lessons that come with setbacks.

3. They Surround Themselves with Experts

Despite working independently, successful solopreneurs understand the power of networking.

They actively build relationships with peers and mentors, and collaborate with others who have the knowledge and skills they lack. Networking opens the door to new opportunities that can propel their business forward.

Action Tip: Get out there and meet people! Join online communities, attend events, arrange meetups. Set a goal of making at least one new connection each week.

4. They Never Stop Learning

They engage in ‘CANI’ – continuous never ending improvement.

Top solopreneurs are always upskilling and improving their strengths. They stay updated with industry trends and seek new knowledge to stay ahead. This keeps their skills sharp and their business strategies effective.

Action Tip: Set aside time each week to learning. Take an online course, listen to a podcast or read a book. Make self improvement a non-negotiable part of your routine.

5. They Focus on Their Strengths

Successful solopreneurs identify their strengths early on and double down on them.

They delegate or outsource tasks that aren’t their forte, allowing them to maximize their productivity and impact. By honing in on what they do best, they drive their business forward more efficiently.

Action Tip: Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Focus your efforts on your strengths and find ways to delegate or outsource the rest. This will allow you to work more effectively and scale your business faster.

Bonus: They Give Back

Happy and wealthy solopreneurs build businesses not just for profit, but also to add value and make a positive impact.

They give back to their communities and support causes they care about. This not only creates a sense of purpose but also enhances their business’s reputation and reach.

Action Tip: How can your business give back? Whether through charitable donations, community involvement, or simply via the content/products you produce, for ultimate fulfillment beyond monetary gain, find ways to make a positive impact.

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