6 Strategies for Aspiring Solopreneurs to Build a Thriving Business and Travel the World

I’ve been in the online business game for a while now, travelling the world and building my lifestyle brand.

But I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for these amazing people:

Chris Farrell

Chris, the creator of one of the most successful membership sites ever, taught me the value of community.

Building a strong, engaged community around your brand can quite simply transform your business. By building strong relationships and igniting passionate movements, your community can become your advocates who will propel your business forward. (Plus you make some amazing lifelong friends!)

Jason Fladlien

Jason, known in the business as the ‘100 Million Dollar webinar man’ taught me about sales. I’m still not great at it, but everything I do know, I learned from him.

If you can’t sell, persuade, encourage, or cajole people to buy your stuff, then your stuff won’t sell. For invaluable insights on selling without sounding like a car salesman, sign up for as many Jason Fladlien webinars as you can. It’s millions of dollars worth of training for free!

Marie Forleo

Marie, the super successful creator of the acclaimed B-School and author of “Everything is Figureoutable, taught me about packaging.

It’s not what you sell; it’s how you package it.”

Presentation and perception can make all the difference in attracting customers.

Amy Porterfield

Amy, a leading online marketing expert and host of the top-ranked podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy,” taught me the critical importance of building an email list.

Your email list is your most direct line to potential customers, enabling you to nurture relationships and drive sales effectively. It’s also the only online distribution funnel you effectively own.

Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh, a highly successful solopreneur and LinkedIn influencer, who has generated over $7 million in revenue, is teaching me the power of consistency.

Consistency in your efforts, whether in content creation, communication, or marketing, builds trust, leads and keeps your audience engaged.

Tim Ferriss

There are many more, but I couldn’t not include Tim Ferriss as his influence completely changed my life.

His book “The 4-Hour Workweek” inspired me to pack up my life, start my online adventure, and travel the world.

His views on productivity and lifestyle design showed me that it was possible to work smarter, live better, and explore the globe while running a successful business.

In Summary

  1. Be consistent with your content like Justin
  2. Build an email list like Amy
  3. Create amazing offers like Marie
  4. Sell your offers like Jason
  5. Build a community like Chris
  6. Design your life like Tim

I can’t thank these people enough for the value they’ve given me over the years.

I hope, as they have with me, to pass along my own learnings to the next person and inspire others to chase their dreams and create a life of freedom and adventure.

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