75 Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

Looking for the best gift for your beach loving or nomadic friend, (spouse, aunt, uncle, etc)?

Look no further!

As a digital nomad and beach lover myself, I have combed the web looking for the very best gifts for beach lovers and beach loving nomads, and have compiled a list of over 50 awesome beach related products for you to consider for their next trip, birthday, christmas, or simply just because you love them!

From fun and unique floats, chairs and coolers to accessories like beach hats and sunnies, your buddy will be sure to hit the beaches across the globe with style and convenience and have you to thank!

Enjoy hitting the surf and sand yourself? My beach-lovers gift guide is full of great ideas for you and the fellow beach-lovers in your life.

Shop wisely and have fun!

Table of Contents

Practical Beach Gifts

In this first section of the best gifts for beach lovers, we’ll have a look at some more practical gifts which make a day at the beach both safe and comfortable.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential item and therefore an always welcome gift for beach-lovers, especially if they want to protect their skin from sunburn, wrinkles, and cancer.

When choosing the right sunscreen, it’s important to select a formula with an SPF of at least 30 and UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection.

Ideally you also want something that’s waterproof and long lasting so you get the best protection possible when spending time in the sun.

Here’s the sunscreen I recommend;

Bananaboat orange sunscreen buy 2 & save

2. SBF Lip Balm

I don’t know about you, but my lips are super sensitive to the sun and if I don’t wear factor 50 lip balm they regularly get burned. (Which is really sore and uncomfortable, especially if you then try to eat spicy food!).

I have tried every lip balm under the sun (excuse the pun) and this is by far the best! I buy it by the boatload!

Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 50 Lip Sunscreen Twin Pack
beach gifts suncreen

3. Portable Beach Chairs

Clearly not something a digital nomad wants to lug around the world, but a great gift for a beach lover, portable beach chairs are lightweight, durable and easy to fold up, making them the ideal choice for beachgoers.

Here are some of the best options for beach lovers:

The Picnic Time Portable Beach Chair is a great option for ultimate beach comfort. It features a sturdy steel frame and an adjustable backrest, so it can conform to your preferences. The included insulated pocket and straps make it easy to carry, and this chair is perfect for long days in the sand and sun.

Chair with Side Table, Beach Chair, Camp Chair for Adults, (Navy Blue)
best gifts for beach lovers portable beach chair

The Kelty Low Loveseat is a great option for couples looking for a romantic day in the sun. This low-profile chair can fit two people comfortably, and features zippered pockets for keeping drinks and valuables safe. It’s lightweight, durable, and perfect for a day at the beach.

black and blue stainless portable beach chair
beach gift ideas chair

The Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Chair is the perfect option for laid-back beach days. It features a mesh back and padded armrests, so you can stay cool while enjoying the view. This chair is lightweight and collapsible, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

yellow green folding beach chair
best gifts for beach lovers sling

For beach lovers who want extra style and comfort, the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair is the perfect choice. It features a deep recline, a headrest, and side pockets for keeping your things close at hand. It’s lightweight, durable, and perfect for long days in the sun.

stripe beach chair with pocket on the side

4. Floating Cooler

If your beach lover enjoys a refreshing beverage while splashing about in the surf, what could make their day even more enjoyable than a floating cooler?

The Bestway floating cooler is definitely one of the best items to bring along to a beach day since it holds up to 24 cans and keeps them cold as you swim and play.

Thanks to the insulation and thicker walls, no matter how hot the day gets, your drinks and treats will stay cool and refreshing. Plus, you won’t need to worry about sand or dirt entering the cooler.

Inflatable Floating Cooler
best gifts for beach lovers floating cooler

5. Beach Umbrella

If traveling the globe, most places you’ll be able to rent a beach umbrella, however for a more localized gift, a beach umbrella is an excellent gift for any beach-goer.

A beach umbrella shades you from the sun and provides some protection if it’s raining. Beach umbrellas come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any taste.

When shopping for a beach umbrella, look for one that’s easy to set up. Many umbrellas come with a telescopic pole so you don’t have to bend over to open it up.

blue beach umbrella with telescopic pole
beach themed gifts umbrella

Consider one that incorporates a sand anchor to keep it stable in windy conditions. If you’re buying for a person who regularly camps, look into beach umbrellas that double as a shelter, most pop open and come with a carry bag for easy storage and transport.

6. Beach Bag

Beach bags are crucial for storing your beach essentials and keeping all your items together. We love our beach bag and picking the right one is essential. It needs to be big enough to store a couple of towels plus, sunscreen and other nik-naks, but not so big, it becomes unwieldy and too heavy to carry.

If you really want to go the extra mile, consider buying a beach bag and filling it with special items such as towels, sunscreen, beach clips etc.

Here are my top recommendations for beach bags for beach lovers.

black and white stripe beach bag
best gifts for beach lovers bags

The Scout BJ Beach Bag offers a convenience that no other beach bag does. It has plenty of pockets on the outside and inside so you don’t have dig through your bag. The water resistant fabric helps to keep moisture away from your items and it’s big enough to fit a towel and ample beach supplies.

black and white stripe tote bag with flamingo design
gifts for the beach bags

The 2 in 1 Foldable tote offers both style and functionality. It has a large main compartment that fits all of your beach essentials. Its the perfect travel bag as it folds up small and takes up hardly any room in your suitcase.

blue transparent tote beach bag

The Oscaurt Mesh Beach Bag is perhaps the most affordable option on this list. It offers plenty of interior space to fit a picnic blanket, beach towels and sunscreen — all at a great price. It’s also easy to carry with two shoulder straps and 7 pockets.

black and white strip mesh beach bag
mesh bag is ideal best gifts for beach lovers

The Preppy Striped Beach Tote is a great bag for beach lovers who want to make a statement. The black and white striped pattern is eye-catching and it can fit plenty of beach supplies.

black duffle bag  with brown handle strap
tote bag is ideal for gifts for beach vacation

The Herschel Duffle Bag comes in a variety of fun colors, making it a great choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd. It has a large main compartment and two side pockets for easy storage and on-the-go convenience.

blue stripe Beach Bag and Pool Bag Has Cooler Pocket
best gifts for beach lovers duffle bag

Finally, the Shylero Beach Bag is a fan favorite. It comes in vibrant patterns and has enough space for all your beach items. The two top handles make it easy to carry, and it even has an extra compartment for keys and other small items.

7. Waterproof Cell Phone Case

No 7 on my list of best gifts for beach lovers in a waterproof phone case.

This is one of the best beach gifts for beach lovers to protect their smart devices from the sand and from potentially taking a dive in the pool. With a variety of styles and designs available, there are plenty of options for your favorite beach goers.

From ultra-durable shockproof cases to water-resistant pouches, there’s something for everyone.

Cases that float, like the Joto Floatable Waterproof Cellphone Case, may appeal to the ocean adventurers, while a trendy and colorful option, like the Karvense Colorful Universal Waterproof Phone Case, is perfect for beachgoers with a more fashion-forward style.

colorful waterproof plastic cellphone cases

8. Snorkeling Set

For beach lovers looking to explore the sea’s natural beauty, a snorkeling set is an essential tool. Snorkeling sets typically contain goggles, a snorkel tube and fins, and are perfect for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’re eyeing a basic snorkeling gear for children or a professional adult set, it’s important to make sure the material is durable and of good quality.

Look for masks that offer good visibility and are comfortable and lightweight, snorkels with no holes and adjustable straps, and fins that fit the contour of your feet.

If you’re gifting a snorkeling set to a beginner, it’s a nice touch to include a tutorial guide or video about snorkeling techniques and safety tips for the recipient.

ocean blue snorkeling set to a beginner

9. Sand-Proof Beach Towel

A beach towel is essential for those who love to spend time at the beach. Whether it’s used to dry off after a dip in the water, or to provide a comfortable spot to relax and eat lunch, no day at the beach is complete without one.

But regular towels and beach blankets can get sandy and wet, making them uncomfortable to lay on. Enter the sand resistant beach towel.

The perfect gift for beach lovers, this towel will keep them comfortable and clean so they can enjoy their day at the beach without worrying about carrying damp and sandy blankets home.

This sand-proof beach blanket by Wekapo is made from durable ripstrong nylon that not only repels water but also prevents sand from sticking. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning. This blanket comes in fun colors and prints, and is large enough for two or more people.

When it’s time to leave the beach, simply fold the blanket up and attach the included strap to secure it. Measuring 7 foot” x 7 foot”, this sand-proof blanket will easily fit into any beach bag or tote. Also, it’s lightweight and comes with a convenient storage bag, so you can take it along wherever your beach adventures take you.

10. Sunglasses

No beach lover’s outfit is complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses. Whether it’s sitting in the sand, taking a dip in the surf, or venturing for a long walk along the beach, sunglasses are essential for any beach lover.

For sun-soaked days and extra protection, opt for polarized lenses. Polarized lenses reduce glare, making it easier to enjoy the sights of the beach without having to squint.

Not only that, mirrored sunglasses are an eye-catching alternative to conventional lenses and make a bold statement on the beach.

brown sunglass

11. Rash Guard / Vest for Men & Women

When it comes to beach wear, rash guards or vests are a must-have. Perfect for those long days of fun in the sun, a rash vest will protect the beach lover in your life from UV rays.

Whether they’re looking for a long sleeved UPF 50+ swimming tee, a short sleeved protective shirt, a two piece rash guard swimsuit, or a one piece coverup for their toddler, there’s something for every sunburn conscious beach lover.

Rash Guard for Women Long Sleeve Swimsuits Zipper Front Printed Swim
best gifts for beach lovers protective shirt

12. Sun Protection Hat

No 12 on my list of best gifts for beach lovers is a sun protection hat. I’m not a big hat wearer, but my husband swears by his!

Pick a wide brimmed hat, a cap with a wide brim, or what I call a jungle hat with a flap that protects the neck. Each will give ample protection when staying out in the sun for long hours.

Here’s some recommendations;

man wearing Super Wide Brim Sun Hat-UPF 50+ Protection,
best gifts for beach lovers hat

This hat is made of lightweight, quick-drying fabric. It comes with an adjustable drawcord and toggle on the back to help keep the perfect fit and protect against wind. The wide brim is shaped to provide complete coverage and shade, further protecting the face and neck from dangerous UV rays. There are more than a dozen colors to choose from, including classic colors and fun, vibrant colors.

army green Sun Defender Cooling Neck Guard

This stylish sun protection hat is the perfect gift for the beach lover in your family. It’s lightweight and packable, which is great for travel. It’s also perfect for days at the pool, lake, or beach. Gift it on its own or package it with other beach accessories such as a beach chair and towel.
beach theme gifts sun hat

13. Adventure-Ready Sandals

When it comes to comfort and style combined, no beach essentials list is complete without at least one great pair of sandals. For the adventure-minded beach lovers in your life, a great pair of sandals can be the best gift to give.

Whether it’s a pair of flip flops for casual beach jaunts or a rugged and supportive hiking sandal for coastal trails, comfortable footwear is key to enjoying time at the beach.

white brown flipflops

Adventure-ready sandals often feature cushioning and arch support, as well as thick rubber outsoles that offer plenty of traction on wet surfaces. Invest in a good pair of sandals and your beach-loving recipient will thank you later!
best gifts for beach lovers sandals

14. Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are a must-have for beach lovers and can turn a casual wade in the water into a full-on swimming session. Swimming goggles allow beach goers to see underwater, no matter how murky the water may be.

Not to mention, swimming goggles allow for more efficient swimming as they reduce drag in the water due to their hydrodynamic design.

Some popular models include the Aegend Swim Goggles, designed with an ultra-soft silicone seal designed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. There are also the Zionor Swimming Goggles, which are polarised lenses and enhanced anti fog technology allowing for superior vision.

colorful swim goggles

Luckily, there are swimming goggles to fit every budget and lifestyle, so beach lovers of all kinds can get a pair they will love.
beach vacation gifts swimming googles

15. Sunscreen Dispenser

This handy travel gadget lets you easily store and dispense sunscreen for yourself or for a group of people.

The Blue Buddies applicator is refillable, so you can keep it stocked with your preferred sunscreen at all times. Simply fill with the unscreen of choice, shake the contents towards the roller ball and apply to body.  No more waste from squeezing too much sunscreen on your hands.

It comes in a variety of colors and is made with durable materials so it won’t easily break. With a sunscreen dispenser, beach lovers can easily grab some sunscreen and be prepared for a day of outdoor fun.

solar buddies sunscreen in small bottles yellow top

16. Beach Umbrella Anchor

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a day at the beach only to find that the wind has carried your umbrella away. But with the Beach Umbrella Anchor, beach lovers will never have to worry about that!

This anchor offers convenient, secure and safe anchoring for beach umbrellas of all sizes, allowing beachgoers to kick back and enjoy their time at the beach without worrying about where the wind will take their umbrella.

white Universal Beach Umbrella Anchor
best gifts for beach lovers umbrella

17. Windproof and Waterproof Jacket

If you know a beach-loving friend or family member who likes to enjoy outdoor activities no matter the weather, then a windproof and waterproof jacket can make an excellent gift!

While many waterproof jackets are heavy, uncomfortable and lack pockets, this jacket is both windproof and waterproof while also lightweight and breathable. It also has two functional pockets in which to store personal items, like keys or a phone.

Additionally, this jacket features superior abrasion and tear resistance, making it ideal for any beach activity, from swimming and surfing to hiking and snorkeling. It also comes with an adjustable hood for added protection and durability.

This jacket comes in a stylish color that makes it suitable for wearing at outdoor events as well. With this perfect gift for beach lovers, they’re sure to stay protected from the wind and water while still looking fashionable and enjoying their beach adventures.

grey Windbreaker Waterproof Rain Jacket with Removable Hood
beachy gifts jacket

18. Unisex Water Shoes (Boat Shoes)

Buying boat shoes was one of the best investments my husband & I made in beach gifts to each other.

Used for taking a walk on a gravelly beach, paddling in the ocean, or getting involved in marine adventures, water shoes give comfort, when you may otherwise be trying to navigate your tender under sole across rocky terrain.

Water shoes are designed to be lightweight and breathable, making them a comfortable and supportive piece of footwear suitable for wearing in and around the water. They feature a sole made of thick rubbery material which ensures excellent traction on slippery surfaces and a secure grip to help swimming. They also come with mesh material which allows for maximum breathability and quick drying.

Most water shoes feature generous padding for added comfort on the feet and a drawstring which helps to keep your feet securely in place. There are several designs available that can also fit over shoes to create an even more snug fit.

black water shoes
best gifts for beach lovers water shoes

19. Wet/Dry Gear Bag

If you want to make sure your beach-lovers’ trips to the ocean stay fun and organized, then a wet/dry gear bag like the ones available from C9 Champion is a great gift idea.

Not only will it carry all of their essentials, it also has a separate pocket for separating wet items from dry items and keeps them waterproof and secure.

The Frelaxy bag is constructed of ripstop polyester and is strong and durable, meaning it can handle everything, from the shores to the boat.

All in all, this wet/dry gear bag is the perfect gift for any beach lover looking for a way to keep all of their ocean essentials organized and secure.

frelaxy polyster colorful wet/dry gear bag
best gifts for beach lovers kayak

20. Beach Towel Clips

Beach days are all about fun in the sun, and a must-have beach essential is a beach towel. Beach towel clips are the perfect way to keep your towel securely in place, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Whether you are lying out in the sun or playing in the waves, these beach towel clips will make sure you are taken care of.

Beach towel clips make great gifts for beach lovers, since they will add a touch of fun to any beach day. Choose from clips that have whimsical designs or go with a more classic style.

Add a bit of personality to your gifting with a beach towel clip that expresses the beach-goer’s individual style.

beach towel clips in 2 colors
best gifts for beach lovers towel clip

21. Folding Beach Wagon

A folding beach wagon is one of the best gifts for beach lovers.

This convenient wagon makes it easier to carry all of the beach supplies and other items that may be necessary for a trip to the beach. It features a lightweight aluminum frame with a total weight of just twenty-three pounds, making it easy to pull without adding too much bulk to the load.

The compartment is deep and spacious, allowing beach goers to easily store beach chairs, beach towels, umbrellas, toys, snacks and drinks, and so much more. It has solid wheels made specifically for sandy beaches.

orange black folding beach wagon

The folding beach wagon can make a great gift for those who love to spend their days out in the sun, sand and sea. It will save them trips back and forth to the car. It also makes a great film for picnics, camping trips, or other outdoor activities or environments.
best gifts for beach goers clips

Fun Beach Gifts

In this second section of the best gifts for beach lovers, we’ll explore some fun beach gifts that will give your beach loving friends and their families hours of enjoyment.

22. Inflatable Pool Float

An inflatable pool float isn’t only a great gift for beach lovers; it’s a convenient and fun way to stay afloat in the ocean or pool.

Blue orange inflatable pool float

From a classic pool lounge chair to a swan or unicorn, these floats are sure to be a hit with beach lovers of all ages. Inflatable pool floats are durable, lightweight and come in a range of styles and sizes to accommodate everyone’s preference.
best gifts for beach lovers floatiesgifts for the beach lover inflatable floats

23. Beach Games

Beach games are classic summer staples. Whether you’re at a family reunion or just lounging on the sand, there’s something about beach games that just livens up the party. No matter the occasion, one of our recommended best gifts for beach lovers is the perfect way to ignite some good old-fashioned fun in the sun.

From beach ball classics like bocce and horseshoes to water sports and party games, here are 14 beach games to get you started.

Bocce: One of the oldest beach games around, bocce is a great lawn game that can be enjoyed by all levels of beach enthusiasts. Best to have a set or two on-hand at all times since everyone tends to love the easy-to-learn game.

colorful soft bocce
best gifts for beach lovers bocce

Horseshoes: Perfect for a game or two of horseshoes. While the horseshoe court can be makeshift, a real horseshoe set, is a must.

red blue horseshoe
beach vacation gift ideas horseshoe game

Kite-Flying: With one of the 50+ Best Gifts for Beach Lovers, you can show off your kite flying skills to your friends. Great for both kids and adults alike!

colorful kites flying
best gifts for beach lovers kite flying

Beach Bingo: Get your calling cards and beach bingo is a guaranteed hit. With beach-themed cards and printed images, you can have a fun time trying to be the first to BINGO!

green bingo set
best gifts for a new beach house bingo

Treasure Hunt: It’s a classic beach game with a twist. Give each team clues to uncover hidden treasures and get ready for a race to the finish.

yellow treasure hunt game set
best gifts for beach lovers treasue hunt

Beach Ball: Beach ball is a classic beach activity perfect for all ages. Get a colorful ball and see who can keep it up longest.

3 colorful beach balls
beach gifts for him inflatables

Giant Jenga: Compete against your friends and stack the blocks as high as you can. Test your strength and see who will be the ultimate Jenga champion.

giant jenga as tall as the legs of a man
beach house gift basket jenga

24. Bucket & Spade Set

Let’s not forget the traditional bucket and spade set! If you’re buying for a youngster (or a grown up kid), or a friend’s children, a bucket and spade set is the perfect gift to keep the kiddies occupied building sand castles all day on the beach.

bucket and spade set, turtle, whale, starfish and shell
best gifts for beach lovers beach toys

25. Boogie Board

If you’re shopping for a beach lover, boogie boarding can be one of the most enjoyable beach activities around. Boogie boarding, also known as bodyboarding, is a fun way of riding a wave on a board, and requires minimal effort or technique to enjoy.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect boogie board for your beach enthusiast. From quality foam boards in vibrant colors to soft-top models that come with convenient carrying straps, there is a wide selection for all types of riders.

unircorn design boogie board
practical beach gifts body board

26. Beach Volleyball Set

A beach volleyball set is one of the best gifts for beach lovers! It is a great way to spend a day basking in the sun with friends and family.

This set includes a heavy-duty net, poles, steel frames and guy lines that provide added stability and durability for rough play. The set also comes with a deluxe carrying case that keeps everything organized and makes transporting your beach volleyball game easy.

The ball included is made from rubber, making it suitable for all-weather conditions. The adjustable height of the net allows for a variety of different play styles. Perfect for family days at the beach, beach volleyball can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

yellow beach volleyball set

27. Windsurfing Gear

Does your beach lover enjoy windsurfing?

If so, why not get your windsurfing enthusiast something special with a fantastic piece of windsurfing gear? From windsurfing boards to sails and accessories, all it takes is a bit of research to find the perfect gift.

For the casual windsurfer, a basic starter set with a board and sail is a great option. Most starter packages come with everything you need, including the board, sail, boom, leash, and fins. If you want to get an even more complete setup for an avid windsurfer, look for setups that come with a mast, extension, base, and more.

For accessories, look for leashes, harnesses, fins, pad sets, earplugs, foot straps, and repair kits. There are loads of options, ranging from beginner-friendly packages to advanced and custom-made accessories.

You could also look for windsurfing themed sun protective gear, like sunglasses, t-shirts and hats, to keep them safe while they’re out on the water.

Here you go –

Inflatable Windsurfer

green inflatable windsufer with a man in it
luxury beach gifts inflatable windsurfer


whole body black websuit
best gifts for beach lovers wesuit

Life Vest

28. Waterproof Playing Cards

Make sure your beach-loving special someone can get in plenty of games of cards even at the beach with these waterproof playing cards. These cards are brilliantly designed with a slick and stylish touchscreen design, ensuring that your hands don’t get wet and slippery whenever you use them.

Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also easy to clean and maintain, so they’re perfect for seaside gaming sessions. The cards also come in their own waterproof and durable container, keeping your deck safe and secure no matter the beach conditions.

waterproof playing cards
beach trip gifts playing cards

29. Diving Fins

For the beach lover in your life, consider a pair of Cressi diving fins. These specialized fins provide the perfect way to glide through the water and explore the depths. They are durable and are designed to maximize propulsion with minimal effort.

Whether your beach lover is looking to just stay in the shallows or go deeper, a pair of diving fins are a great option for them. They are lightweight and easy to pack for a beach vacation and can come in sets for both adults and children.

black diving fins
best gifts for beach lovers fins

Surfer Beach Gifts

30. Surfer’s Wax Comb

If your beach loving friend is a surfing enthusiast, consider a surfer’s wax comb.

Not only will it help keep their boards slick and surf-ready, but it’s affordable, compact and makes for a great stocking stuffer.

The comb is made to remove old wax and helps to prep the board before applying a fresh coat. It features an ergonomic design so it’s comfortable to hold, and it even comes with a handy hook so it won’t be left sitting out in the sun and heat. Plus, the comb is heat resistant, making it suitable for use all year round.

wooden serfer's wax comb
gifts for water lovers surfboard wax

31. Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax is an essential accessory for surfing beach lovers as it helps to increase the traction of their surfboard so they can ride with confidence. The wax helps to form a tight bond between the surfer and the board, allowing for finer control and a better riding experience.

Surfboard wax ranges from soft to hard depending on the temperature of the water and the conditions in which you will be surfing. Soft wax is best suited for warmer waters, while a harder wax may be necessary for colder conditions. Some waxes may even help to reduce the drag created by the surfboard, further increasing the ability to maneuver and control the board.

Whether you choose a wax that is organic, biodegradable, or made from recycled materials, you are sure to find something that meets your beach-loving loved one’s needs. Many of these waxes come in an array of colors and scents, giving them an even more unique and personal touch.

surfboard wax
beach gifts for men surfboard wax

32. Surf Wax Remover

Surf wax remover is a great gift for surfers and beach bums alike. This ingenious invention helps beachgoers remove sticky, gooey surf wax from their boards without having to use harsh chemicals or solvents.

Instead, you simply have to rub the remover on the board and the sticky wax residue is removed with ease! Not only does this make the board look and feel better, but it also helps to extend the life of the board’s finish.

This inexpensive item simply requires a set of microfiber towels and some rubbing – perfect for those on a tight budget. Plus, the fast, efficient wax removal process means no more sticky fingers after those rigorous surfing sessions! So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful, practical gift for the surfer beach lover in your life, the surf wax remover is definitely the way to go.

green package pickle wax remover
beach gifts for man wax remover comb

33. Surfboard Rack

Surfboard racks are a great gift for the surfer in your life.

Not only do they keep surfboards safe and organized, but they also make transporting multiple boards a breeze. Our favorite pick is this adjustable surfboard storage rack. It’s made from high-quality steel and durable rubber lining, so it’s sure to last, and can customise to store up to five boards.

Engineered in Virginia, USA, you can be sure that this surfboard rack will provide secure storage for your boards for years to come.

black surfboard rack with 4 different color surfboard in it
best gifts for beach lovers surfboard rack

34. Digital Surf Watch

The beach is the perfect place to catch some waves. Why not give the surfer in your life the perfect way to track their progress?

A digital surf watch is the perfect way to time their sessions and track their abilities. It will also help them to improve their technique as they can monitor their speed and data on spray or wipeouts.

Many digital surf watches will include detailed information on global tides, air and water temperatures, and much more. This makes it the ideal tool for surfers of all levels and the perfect gift to help them take their surfing to the next level.

A digital surf watch is practical and stylish, making it perfect for any beach enthusiast. It’s a great way to show you care and will be sure to make them feel special this holiday season.

deepblue gshock watch
beach related gifts watch

Luxury Beach Gifts (or Larger Items)

Next on my list of best gifts for beach lovers are luxury items. What I mean by luxury is either expensive or larger items that are by default more expensive.

These gifts are reserved for the more special people in your life or for a special moment/event.

35. Binoculars

A good pair of binoculars is an essential item for any beach-going enthusiast. Binoculars allow you to see much further than with just the naked eye, and can be instrumental in spotting wildlife that resides in the local area.

We recommend the Bushnell Marine 7×50 that are both waterproof and fogproof, meaning they’ll survive even the toughest conditions while still having excellent optical performance. Plus, they come with a range of accessories, including a carrying case and straps, so they’re easily transportable.

Whether you’re looking to get closer to nature during your beach days or just want to be able to see further out into the horizon while relaxing, these binoculars can make an ideal gift for your beach lovers.

dark blue binoculars
best gifts for beach lovers binoculars

36. Beach Cruiser Bike

For the beach lover who loves to get around in style, a beach cruiser bike is an ideal gift. With a classic, laid-back look, these bikes are perfect for cruising around the coast and making the most of what the beach has to offer.

From long distance coastlines with breathtaking views to taking in the local atmosphere in nearby towns, beach cruiser bikes allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the area with ease and comfort.

With options from single-speed or even electric models, choose from lightweight frames for maximum comfort and easy storage or go for something with a bit more power and speed.

beach cruiser bike with basket in front
best gifts for beach house cruiser bike

37. Underwater Camera

An underwater camera is one of the best gifts for beach lovers. An underwater camera lets users take stunning images and videos from the depths of the ocean. Not only are these cameras perfect for capturing some of the magnificence of marine life, but they can also be used for fun family shots in the pool or the ocean.

One of the top underwater cameras on the market today is the GoPro HERO 11 is a great option. This camera can take beautiful high-definition video, and even features a time lapse video mode. This camera is water-resistant up to 33 feet, and has a large rear display for reviewing footage after use. For underwater videos and pictures, this camera is hard to beat.

Overall, underwater cameras are perfect gifts for beach lovers. Whether they are looking to capture some of the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants, or just to have a bit of fun, there is a camera for them.

gopro hero 11
best gifts for beach lovers underwater camera

38. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

An inflatable stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a great gift for beach lovers. This portable version of a traditional stand-up paddle board is designed for easy transport and storage.

The SUP makes an excellent addition to any beach trip and allows for a fun experience for both the novice and experienced paddle boarders.

blue stand-up paddle board set
beach christmas gifts SUP

39. Fly Fishing Rod

If you know someone who loves the beach and loves to fish, a fly fishing rod could be the perfect gift. A fly fishing rod will allow them to take their favorite hobby even further and explore the true wonders of the coastline. They can use the rod to catch a variety of fish species in shallow, sandy waters, where fish tend to hide and feed.

Fly fishing may seem intimidating and complex to those who are unfamiliar, but once a person gets the hang of it, it can be incredibly rewarding and challenging, as well! A quality fly fishing rod and some basic supplies, such as flies and a reel, will provide your beach-loving loved one with countless hours of fun and adventure.

A fly fishing rod can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the type, brand, and model you choose. Selecting the right one, though, can be tricky.

Look for an option that fits the individual’s skill level and experience. Some rods are more suitable for beginners, while others are more advanced. Additionally, consider the materials—do you want something light and durable, like fiberglass? Or something heavier and more powerful, like graphite?

Finally, be sure to choose the right length and weight based on the type of waters the recipient will be fishing in. A heavier rod will work best in fast-flowing bodies of water, while a lighter one is best for slower, calmer waters. Fishing gifts will be one of the great gifts for Beach Lovers.

best gifts for beach lovers fishing

40. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the beach lover in your life, then a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an ideal choice. Not only does it enable you to take your music with you, but it also makes a great addition to a beach day.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer a number of benefits over other sound system offerings. Not only are they highly portable, but most are also designed to be completely waterproof, making them ideal for when you’re at the beach. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some offering up to 10 hours of battery life, perfect for when the party lasts much longer than expected.

The best part about waterproof Bluetooth speakers is their sound quality. With many models offering high-definition sound, it’s an easy way to make sure that your beach day ambiance is always on point. Many speakers also come with extra features like buttons for changing songs and turning the volume up or down as well as auxiliary cord inputs for connecting other devices.

All in all, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an excellent gift for beach lovers. Offering both convenience and quality, it’s sure to help make any beach day better.

black waterproof bluetooth speaker from JBL
best gifts for beach lovers waterproof speaker

41. Portable Hammock

A portable hammock is a great gift idea for anyone who loves spending time at the beach!

Whether they are taking a break at the shore, enjoying a day at the park, or just want to relax in the backyard – a Wise Owl hammock is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors.

This lightweight, compact hammock is not only easy to carry, but it is strong enough to hold two people!

It also comes with carabiner clips and straps that allow you to hang it anywhere and adjust the height according to your preference. This hammock is breathable, comfortable, and features an attractive chevron print and a durable 150D Oxford fabric, making it ideal for all types of adventures.

The construction and design of this hammock make it great for relaxing and spending time with friends or family. Plus, it comes with a storage bag for easy carrying and storage. Surprise your beach lover with the ultimate relaxation gift: a Portable Hammock!

blue portable hammock package
gift for beach house hammock

42. Inflatable Kayak

One of the best gifts for beach lovers is an Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak. This fun and convenient watercraft is perfect for taking to the beach, lake or river adventure. With an inflatable kayak, you can take a break from the sand and swim, explore, or just relax in the water.

These innovative kayaks are lightweight and feature an inflatable frame that provides maximum stability, as well as multiple air chambers that enhance buoyancy. The kayak also features adjustable seats, storage compartments, and inflatable adjusters, making it customizable for any user.

It is also highly durable, with a double reinforced PVC hull to handle any adventure!

green inflatable kayak
best gifts for beach lovers kayak inflatable

Beach Themed Gifts

In this section of the best gifts for beach lovers, we’re looking at beach themed gifts. To be honest this list could have covered the entire article as there are so many different beach themed gifts you could purchase, so instead of long descriptions for these, I’ve simply recommended some great and fun themed beach gift ideas.

43. Flip Flop Keychain

brown flipflop keychain with 2 silver keys
beach related gifts keychain

44. Beach Artwork

beach artwork with star fish and fishing net
gift for beach house artwork

45. Picture Frame

black and white ocean image picture frame
best gifts for beach lovers pictures

46. Throws/blankets

ocean design blanket on top of a chair
best gifts for beach lovers throw blankets

47. Candles

white cancdles in glass
beach themed gift scented candle

48. Tumblers

ocean inspired tumbler
best gifts for beach lovers tumblers

49. Jewelry Box

ocean inspired jewelry box
great beach gifts tumbler

50. Coasters

ocean inspired coaster
best gifts for beach lovers coasters

51. Bags

flipflops design beach bag
unique beach gifts bags

52. Socks

ocean inspired socks
best gifts for beach lovers socks

53. Toiletry Bag

transparent ocean print design toiletry bags

54. Kitchen Towels

beach design towel
best gifts for beach lovers kitchen towels

55. Clocks

starfish and seashells clock
beach house housewarming gifts clock

56. Drinking Glasses

ocean design glass
best gifts for beach lovers glasses

57. Wind Chimes

seahorse with star at the bottom wind chimes
best gifts for beach goers wind chimes

58. Journals

beach design journals
best gifts for beach lovers

59. Wall Art

beach on picture wall arts
cool beach gift swall art

60. Notebooks

ocean inspired notebook
best gifts for beach lovers notebooks

61. Calendars

beach design calenders
beach housewarming gifts calendar

62. Make up Bags

beach design make up bags
best gifts for beach lovers make up bag

63. Cushions

beach design cushions
best gifts for beach house owners cushions

64. Bedding

ocean inspired beddings
best gifts for beach lovers bedding

Unique Beach Gifts

In this section of the best gifts for beach lovers are some beach unique gift ideas to surprise and delight your beach loving friend.

65. Floating Keychain

Looking for an inexpensive and handy gift to show your appreciation for the beach loving person in your life?

How about a floating keychain? Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast who needs to keep their keys safe during sport activities and beach trips, the Yahama Floating Keychain will not let them down.

Its cylindrical and lightweight design will easily attach to any bag or belt loop, and its soft, water-resistant outer layer will keep their keys safe and dry in depths of up to 20 feet.

This keychain is available in blue in color, so you can easily find something to suit the beach-loving person in your life. The floating keychain also makes a great souvenir of your beach vacation and a good reminder that tomorrow is another day of adventure.

blue YAMAHA floating keychain
best gifts for beach lovers keychain

66. Solar/USB Powered LED Light

One of the best gifts for beach lovers is the Goal Zero Solar/USB Powered LED Light. This incredible light is perfect for those fun-filled beach days that stretch into the evening. Not only is the light great for providing extra brightness at night, but it can also be used as a beautiful nightlight for relaxation and to set a romantic mood.

The light is powered either by USB or solar energy, making it both environmentally friendly and practical. During the day, the solar panel will absorb solar energy and store it in the built-in battery, allowing it to automatically turn on at nightfall. At the same time, you can also add an extra dose of brightness with the USB cable option.

This light is ideal for any beach lover as it is diverse, eco-friendly, and 100% waterproof. Not only can this be used around the beach area, but it can also be used to light up the inside of your RV or beach tent. There are several settings available to choose from, making it easy to customize. Furthermore, this LED light also operates silently and is highly durable, making it great for any beach adventure.

green and white solar USB powered LED Light
things to get for the beach floating keychain

67. Portable Beach Bar

For the beach lover who has everything, how about a portable beach bar? It’s the perfect beach-ready addition for any outdoor gathering.

This lightweight, portable baris packed with features like the fully-stocked cup holders and ice bin. It sets up and breaks down quickly, meaning you can take it anywhere with you.  A great gift for any beach-lover or outdoor enthusiast, they’re sure to be impressed with this unique gift for beach lovers.

black portable beach bar
best gifts for beach lovers portable bar

68. Personalized Gift

Why not personalize any of the gifts mentioned on this page by adding your beach lover’s name, or something personal to them.

You can personalize a beach towel, a journal, jewelry, travel tags, toiletry bags, notebooks, tumblers and chopping boards.

personalized beach design wooden chopping board with green grapes beside it
beach inspired personalized gifts

Best Gifts for Beach Loving Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads don’t need much as they’re usually trying to travel light and so don’t need any bulky gifts weighing them down.

Here are some suggestions for the beach loving digital nomad in your life;

69. Backpack

Best purchased with the nomad by your side. If they’re trekking around the world, they will want a backpack that fits them well and molds into the shape of their back. This depends on their height and weight etc. It’s best if they can try them on first.

Also backpacks come in varying weights so you’ll want to check with your nomadic pal precisely how much they want to carry on their back.

green color backpack
best gifts for beach lovers backpack

70. A Mirrorless or DSLR Camera

Perhaps your beach loving nomad friend is a photography enthusiast and loves to take photos of the ocean, sunsets and white powdery sand on their travels.

If so, you might want to consider buying them a powerful mirrorless or DSLR camera to complement their adventures.

My recommendation particularly for beginners or long term travelers is the Sony Alpha a6400.

This is a mirrorless camera and features a 24.2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor, which is capable of capturing photos and videos of extremely high quality. It also features a 180° tiltable LCD touch screen, making it easy for you to take stunning selfies for your blog and get creative with your shots. It comes equipped with a lot of powerful features, such as 4K Movie Mode, Eye AF, Interval Shooting and 4K HDR.

To summarize all the acronyms, it’s a pretty awesome camera that takes really good pictures! 🙂

In addition to its powerful features, the Alpha a6400 is lightweight, making it one of the most user-friendly cameras out there (and great for backpack travel).

sony digital camera
cool beach gifts camera

71. Camera Accessories

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as a camera, consider some camera accessories to go with the camera they already have.

Perhaps a small camera bag or protective case. Some extra batteries, a tripod, filters, SD cards etc.

black camera accessories
best gifts for beach lovers camera accessories

72. Microfibre Quick Dry Towel

The last thing a digital nomad wants to be carrying is a big fluffy towel which takes up all the space and weight of their backpack.

These fast drying, lightweight, foldable microfiber towels come in a handy carry case which can slip into the side of a backpack and add no bulk to a traveler’s gear.

colorful microfibre quick dry towel
fun beach gift towel

73. Sarong

For the female digital nomads in your life, a beach sarong can double as a towel, skirt, blanket, dress, sun dress, scarf, head scarf and more!

These versatile pieces of decorative cloth are the ideal gift for a beach loving digital nomad, and with no weight at all, fit perfectly in their backpack.

black sarong
best gifts for beach lovers sarong

74. Travel Journal

What better way for a digital nomad to record their travels than via a lightweight easy to use travel journal.

A travel journal can help your beach loving friends, plan their trip, diarize their bookings, keep a track of budgets and record special events and memories.

Buy them unlimited access to a travel app, or purchase a beautiful personalized travel journal they can treasure forever.

world map design travel journal
gifts for beach goers travel journal

75. Fun Travel Accessories

Don’t want to add to your digital nomad friends luggage weight? Here are some great ideas for travel accessories that’ll brighten up their baggage and their trip;

Baggage Tags

brown with qrcode baggage tags
best gifts for beach lovers baggage tags

Passport Holder

gray passport Holder
beach christmas gifts passport holder

Luggage Strap

blue luggage strap
best gifts for beach lovers luggage strap

Organizing Space Saver Bags

Spacesaver's Space Bags Vacuum Storage Bags
space saver bags

Toiletry Bottles

colorful toiletry bottles
best gifts for beach lovers toiletry bottles

Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles

colorful refillable perfume spray bottles
perfume spray bottle

Best Gifts for Beach Lovers – Summary

Finding the perfect gift for a beach lover or digital nomad can be a challenge.

However, with this list of the 75 best gifts for beach lovers, you are sure to find something that will bring them the ultimate summertime travel joy.

Whether it’s a beach towel for basking in the sun, a sand-filled art piece to bring the beach indoors, or a kayak for a day out on the water, you’ll find something to delight your beach loving friend.

Have fun shopping!

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