30 Epic Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand

Let’s start by clearing up exactly how Phuket is pronounced!

It’s not Fooket as many people wish it was for the comedy factor!

It’s actually Poo-ket, although there’s nothing poo about it!

I’ve lived here for almost 11 years (on & off), while traveling the world and building our lifestyle businesses, and it’s been an incredible experience with the most amazing smiley people. (It’s not called the land of the smiles for nothing!)

Let’s start with a list of things to do in Phuket & then for those who want to know I’ll tell you a little more about this amazing country at the end.

For starters;

16 Things to Do in Phuket You Won’t Find on Your Standard Travel Blog!

NB: I’ve been struggling with my weight for years and as I wrote this list it became apparent why!

There is a lot of eating to be done in Phuket, but hey you’re on holiday right!

Enjoy it!

1. Take Muay Thai boxing class

Muay Thai means – Thai Boxing.

It’s an ‘ancient’ tradition over here which is actually surrounded by pomp and ceremony.

Before every boxing match, each competitor does a whole traditional dance which is super elegant & serene.

Then they knock ten bags of shit out of each other! It’s conflicting at best!

However, the Thai instructors here are the best on the planet & they love farangs! (Foreigners)

So get yourself down to a Thai boxing class. Firstly, it’s great fun! Who knew punching bags could be so therapeutic!

Secondly you need to work off all the food you’re going to be eating! 😂😂😂

Me practising my boxing skills at the local Muay Thay gym
Me practising my boxing skills at the local Muay Thay gym

2. Drink Cold Chang in the Ocean

One of my favourite things to do is to sink a nice cold local beer while bobbing about in the Andaman Ocean.

There’s something about being in a warm ocean with a cold beer…

Anyhow, the local brew is called Chang, which means Elephant. And it is a pretty strong beer!

My picture holding a beer in the middle of a green water and behind me is a small island  full of green trees
Couldn’t find a pic of me with a Chang in my hand (which is surprising), however an Aussie Crownie is the next best thing!

3. Eat Khao Soi

Khao soi is actually a traditional dish from the North of Thailand.

It’s basically chicken or pork with noodles. But the curry sauce they use is to die for!

You’d find it on offer all over Chiang Mai for around 50baht a bowl ($1).

But there are a couple places in Phuket that serve a mean Khao Soi & they’re both on the beach!

Coco Club – Boat Lagoon & Bang Tao Beach

Catch Beach Club (more expensive)

fry noodles in a bowl


4. Also Eat Massaman Chicken & Chicken with Cashew Nuts!

Two very traditional Thai dishes, you’ve never tasted anything like it!

Massaman is a curry and you can order it ‘ped’ (spicy) or ‘mai ped’ (not spicy).

It usually comes with chicken on the bone which I dislike so I always ask for it off the bone.

The best Massaman on the island is served at a little shack on the beach near the Angsana Hotel called The Beach Bar.

Get there at around 5.30pm to watch the sunset at the same time! Heaven!

massaman curry soap inside a white bowl above a blue top table

5. Go to Ka Jok See in Phuket Town

Ok I’m going to admit, I still haven’t been to this!

I’m going soon & will update the post as and when I do, but by my friends accounts, this is a hilarious night out.

It’s basically a restaurant that turns into a table top, risqué ladyboy cabaret show later in the evening.

Apparently they have you dancing on table, singing & just generally engaging in light hearted tomfoolery.

Not for the faint hearted I’ve been told!

Ka Jok See FB Page

6. Eat Korean Chicken at the Sunday Walking Street

There are lots of street markets & walking streets around Phuket.

Two of the best are the Friday night market in Cheong Talay which sells the most incredible fried dumplings.

(Seriously I wonder why I struggle with weight).

And the Sunday walking street market in Phuket town, which serves the most amazing Korean Chicken!

It also has loads of Knick knacks and brand Knock offs you can take home to your family & friends.

Korean chicken inside a container
Taste a whole lot better than they look!

7. Take a Private Boat Trip to Phang Nga bay

There are plenty of day trips here in Phuket.

You can head out to Phi Phi, or up to James Bond Island. Go over to Krabi or visit some floating villages. Even see Maya Bay where Leo Decaprio filmed ‘The Beach’.

Lots to see and if you have the time I recommend them all!

However, I highly recommend a private boat tour up to Phang Nga Bay.

Phang Nga bay is singularly the most beautiful place I have experienced in my life!

Miles & miles of ocean punctuated with huge limestone casts with coves & private little hideaways to jump out of the boat & have a swim/snorkel.

It’s spectacular.

It will cost about 8-10,000 (£250) baht for the day, so if there’s a gang of you it’s much cheaper.

Just start asking about at the boat offices in one of the marinas. You’ll get the best deals going direct.

rock formation in the middle of a calm sea
Phang Nga Bay

8. Take a Long Boat to the Floating Restaurants

In the middle of the island just North of Phuket Town is a place called Laem Hin.

From here you jump in a long boat & ask to be taken to the floating restaurants.

It’ll cost all of 100 baht each way.

Vegans or vegetarians read no further, but if you love your seafood, please continue!

The restaurants sit atop floating wooden pallets with big holes cut out for the live fish to be stowed.

Grouper, sea bass, shark, crabs, octopus, you name it!

You pick your fish of choice, they ‘fish’ it out of the water with a net & cook it, fresh as a daisy!

If you’re a beer drinker ask to be taken to one of the non Muslim restaurants.

floating restaurants beside a green water
Mhor Add Seafood Restaurant

9. Take a Long Boat to Chok Dee

Heading in the opposite direction to Phang Nga bay is a secluded restaurant in the middle of the ocean called Chok Dee.

The boats can’t get moor close enough to let you off on land, so you have to swim the last few meters to get there.

I always feel like I’m in a James Bond movie, emerging from the sea onto this tiny little island with just a restaurant and nothing else!

They have snorkel kits at the restaurant, so you can go and order your food and explore the ocean while you wait! 😁

restaurant at the middle of the ocean inside a rock island
“I promise I won’t steal your shells!’ (Dr No) 😂

10. Get Sailing Lessons at Koh Ton

Right at the bottom of the island off the coast of Rawai, is a little known island called Koh Ton.

So unknown is it, that we only found out about it for the first time in 10 years last year.

The Java Yachting sailing school in Rawai takes people over there on the weekends for sailing lessons.

You can go for a day or the entire weekend. We decided to stay over on Saturday night & ended up being the only ones there!

We stayed in a fabulous little hotel on the island. Basic, but clean, nice food & cheap as chips!

Well worth a trip!

a boat sailing at koh ton beach

11. Have a Sunday Roast at Thong Dee

If you’re coming here from the UK & love your Sunday Roasts, they’re actually something they do incredibly well on the island!

My recommendation is a restaurant called Thong Dee in Kathu. The owner Patrick is fab & his wife the chef (who’s Thai by the way) cooks a mean roast!

The Islander in Rawai is another beauty, run by a true Brit called Mark.

Yorkshire’s, mash & roast potatoes abound so be prepared for a big meal!

Also Annie’s kitchen in Cheong Talay & Peppers Sports Bar round the corner offer lovely roasts!

my picture holding knife and fork with my plate full of foods

12. Have a Meat Feast at the Supermarket

Ok this is my last food recommendation, although I could give hundreds more!

Right in the middle of the island is a huge shopping center or mall depending where you come from.

It’s called Central Festival and on the bottom floor of the section called Central Florista, slap bang in the middle of the supermarket is a meat feast paradise!

If you’re on Keto, or just love meat, this place rocks. Steaks, burgers, chicken, pork, pulled pork, Turkey, chicken parmigiana, you name it, it serves it.

It’s almost like a buffet. All laid out for you to choose what you want & then served up to you at your table.

We love it!

different dish at meat feast at central festival

13. Go Diving in the Similans

Not strictly in Phuket, but if you come between November & March & love to scuba, I highly recommend the Similan Islands.

In an ideal world, I would recommend 2-3 days on a live aboard.

The best company to go diving with by far is Sea Bees, owned by a big German man with a huge warm laugh & his beautiful & tiny German wife! Holga & Helga.

Their boats are fab, the cabins comfy, the food is great, the diving is better & the company is amazing. The whole trip is a fantastic experience.

If you go tell them I sent you!

scuba diver un the middle of the ocean

14. Take a Meditation class

You can’t come to the land of the Buddha and not take a meditation class.

I have to say it’s the most unnerving thing.

The chances are there will be a group of you. You’ll be led to a room or a yoga sala, by a calm and softly spoken chap or chapess, decked out in a loose shirt and huge fishermans pants.

They’ll invite you to grab a small cushion and sit on the floor with your legs crossed. (Another awkward moment if you have dodgy knees).

Then they may play some light traditional Thai music in the background or something soft and soothing, tell you to close your eyes and focus on your breath, possibly bang a gong to signal the start of the meditation and then….

That’s it.

You sit there and try desperately to focus on your breath.

“I wonder where we’ll go tomorrow’. Stop it! Breathe, in, out, in, out…

“Oh no, I forgot to respond to Mum’s email earlier’. Come on! Breathe! In, out, in out…

“Gosh that’s an annoying mosquito, buzzing in my ear……

And so it goes for about 45 minutes.

Not my thing I have to say, but definitely worth a try!

my image sitting in front of a calm beach doing meditation

15. Moped Around Koh Yao Yai

Phuket Island is an Island surrounded by Islands!

That’s what makes it so incredibly beautiful. Some of the islands are habitable and house villages, resorts and communities, others are literally a restaurant or a resort on an island and some are simply massive limestone karsts that rise majestically from the depths below!

Koh Yao Yai is the former and is home to a couple of small villages, a few restaurants and various resorts & hotels.

There’s not that much to do on the island, so I wouldn’t recommend staying there, unless you’re looking for total peace and seclusion, but it’s definitely worth grabbing a long boat over, renting a moped and driving around.

You can even take a boat over to Koh Yao Noi for the heck of it!

There are watersports, lots of local Thai food, beaches and the beautiful scenery of Phang Nga bay surrounding. A great (and cheap) day trip out!

my image riding a red motorcycle

16. Get a Thai Massage

As I write this, I’m having a massage. I find the best way to write blog posts is laying back, having my feet & legs massaged while typing into my phone!

It’s an incredibly relaxing way to run a business!

The massages here in Thailand are phenomenal! Rarely will it cost you more than around $10 for an hour and you can choose from a plethora of options!

I recommend the foot, neck, back & shoulders and a full body oil massage!

Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it! 😁

woman in red shirt doing foot massage

14 More Traditional Things to Do in Phuket

17. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary

There are a couple of really lovely elephant sanctuaries on the island that are well worth visiting.

Treetops is run by a very lovely English lady called Louise and her husband.

They came over to Thailand to run the Elephant Sanctuary pre Covid, but as the tourists disappeared during the pandemic the Thai family who owned it ran out of money and started looking for buyers.

Out of their love for these gracious animals, Louise and hubby, scraped together every penny they could from their personal savings and bought the sanctuary and its eight resident elephants!

Every visit they get now goes towards feeding and caring for the elephants.

The PakLok elephant sanctuary is also a fabulous half day out. The elephants are well cared for and the customer experience is superb as they show you the elephants in their natural habitat and also bathing and playing.

As part of your package you also get breakfast and lunch which is a bonus (of course) and it’s an absolutely gorgeous vegetarian Thai lunch which was an unexpected surprise given the surroundings.

big elephant in the middle of a sanctuary

18. Visit Traditional Thai Temples

I have to be honest Thailand is not well known for its temples (although it does have quite a few).

If you want some temple madness then you really need to head up to see the temples (Wats) of Bangkok. Or for some really interesting and breathtaking temples, the best I have seen are in Chiang Rai right up in the North of Thailand.

white temple beside a body of water- chiang rai
The White Temple in Chiang Rai

However if you are intent on getting some Instagram worthy temple snaps while you’re here in Phuket here are the top five I recommend;

  1. Wat Chalong – the largest and most visited temple in Phuket
  2. Wat Khao Rang – fabulous golden Buddha at the top of Rang Hill in Phuket Town. Also fabulous Phuket viewpoint, lots of monkeys and a nice little restaurant at the top.
  3. Wat Sri Sunthon – this is actually closed to visitors at the moment, but well worth a look from the outside. The giant relaxing golden Buddha is a site to behold!
  4. Wat Phra Nang Sang – one of the oldest temples in Phuket, it’s absolutely beautiful!
  5. Tha Rua Shrine – This is super close to my house on Thepkasattri Road in the middle of the Island. Guarded by the sweetest old man who will grab you by the hand and show you round the inside of the temple (for a small donation) and tell you in detailed Thai, the history of the shrine! (Just listen and smile). It’s a beautiful building with a huge statue of a Chinese Warrior to the side of it. Very impressive.

Have fun!

tall and big Chinese warrior statue

19. Visit the Big Buddha

Technically a temple, but deserving of its own section, The Big Buddha on Chalong Hill is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit.

Please make sure you have a sarong or shawl to cover your shoulders and your knees ladies. However if you don’t, don’t worry because they have sarongs that they will give you as you enter the compound.

As you arrive you first go through a small area, with little donation trees and trinkets to buy, although you’re in no way obligated.

You’re then led towards a monk who you kneel before (not so good if you have dodgy knees) and he blesses you and gives you a little bracelet. This does not, of course, occur for free and you are expected to leave a small donation out of the kindness of your heart.

You then walk through the back of the little temple out onto the steps leading up to the Big Buddha and climb your way up to the huge white statue which is incredibly impressive.

I do believe they also now have a section with Buddha’s footprint. Please note, it wasn’t there when I first arrived 10 years ago and is a recent addition. As Buddha hasn’t walked this earth since some 2000 years ago, I’m not actually sure whose footprint it is, however with an open mind it’s a wonderful experience.

NB: Please do not engage in any of the elephant activities en route up to the big Buddha.

There are elephant rides being offered and I can tell you now the elephants are not treated very well and they’re not happy animals, so the less we tourists can actually facilitate the treatment of these poor animals the better.

white big buddha

20. Experience the Incredible Beaches

Of course the most amazing thing about Phuket is its plethora of beautiful beaches. I’m not sure I’ve seen such a collection of incredible beaches anywhere else in my life!

We’re talking miles and miles of beautiful white soft sand, the warm Andaman Sea with crystal clear calm waters, palm trees, fantastic little cheap shacks offering the best of Thai food and cold beers.

The beach experience here in Phuket is second to none.

Many restaurants and bars set themselves up on the beaches and offer umbrellas and beach beds etc for very reasonable prices.

Every few years the government brings in the bulldozers and runs them all down (the buildings, not the people), as in reality it’s all protected National Park land. But after the dust has settled the industrious Thais just set back up again.

First with completely mobile units so they can leave in a flash and then after a while more permanent structures are created.

They have to eat after all and tourism is their main bread and butter. So when you visit, support the locals if you can and eat the most amazing Thai food from these fabulous cheap beach shacks!

The best beaches are all dotted along the west coast of the island.

Here are some of my favorite beaches in priority order;

Bang Tao Beach – the beach I visit the most. Easy to park, lots of great beach restaurants, calm waters, sun beds. Everything you need from a beach day out!

Surin Beach – White sandy beach, turquoise crystal clear waters

Layan Beach – Shallow and calm, great for kids & dogs

Nai Harn Beach – Never ending huge sandy beach

Freedom Beach – Backpackers paradise, great atmosphere

Kata Noi Beach – Clean & clear waters

Karon Beach – Huge long stretch of white sand

Kata Beach – Lots of restaurants & cafes

Patong Beach – The main tourist area. Not my favorite beach, but no way I could talk about Phuket beaches without including it!

white sand at the nai harn beach
Nai Harn Beach on the South of the Island

21. Go For a Night Out at Bangla Road

Colloquially known in our house as (non politically correct), dirty street.

This is generally where dirty old men (mainly westerners) hang out to meet the ladies of the night.

Full of ping pong bars & gentleman’s dancing clubs, it’s a hive of activity for guys who can’t get it without paying for it.

However it’s also got some really nice little bars & restaurants, street breakdancing, nightclubs & is definitely worth experiencing even if you only do it once.

Please please don’t support the disgusting sex trade. These poor girls look like they enjoy it & that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, but that’s because they have to send money back to their families!

They don’t honestly like you Mr Fat, sweaty westerner. Many have been sent to work by their fathers who believe that’s all they’re worth.

Girls as young as 13 are trafficked, drugged and sent to work in some of these places. Is that what you’d want for your daughter?

Just think, next time you justify a quick rub & tug!

22. Explore Phuket Old Town

Phuket old town is a lovely little town full of restaurants, bars, markets and quaint unique shops full of artisanal goods.

It’s well worth a look around.

tower with clock on top known as the phuket old town

I would head over at lunchtime on the weekend, dine at Naturel, a lovely little Thai restaurant built into a tree, then…..

23. Wonder Around the Markets

Phuket town is home to one of the many Phuket weekend night markets.

The one at Phuket Town takes place on the main Thalang Road on Sundays from 4pm.

There used to be a huge Phuket weekend night market, just outside of Phuket Town at Naka Road. Unfortunately it closed down during the pandemic and although has started to reopen now, isn’t quite the spectacle it once was.

Though it might be by the time you read this!

Another great market on the outskirts of Phuket Town is the Chillva Night Market. Lots of great food options and niknaks like bags, plants, shoes, clothes, souvenirs etc.

Lastly, one of my favorite markets is in another part of the island called Cheong Talay. The Friday night market close to Boat Avenue is small but lively.

They always have a live band or break dancers or some form of entertainment, plus there are lots of restaurants and bars.

You can sit outside, watch the sunset, listen to music, sip a cold one and watch the world go by. It’s fab!

band singing and playing musical instrument

24. Visit the Various Viewpoints

Phuket has some amazing viewpoints, which are absolutely worth a snap or two!

Here are some of my faves;

Khao Rang – Great views of the South West of the Island. Lovely little restaurant at the top and the golden Buddha temple

Monkey Hill – See lots of Macaque monkeys on route!

Karon Viewpoint – see Kata Noi, Kata Yai & Karon beaches

Laem Singh – Between Kamala Beach & Surin Beach, Laem Singh is a beautiful beach in its own right and a lookout point. To get to the beach you’ll need to get a boat from another beach.

Promthep Cape – Known for witnessing the most amazing sunsets, it’s the Islands southernmost hill with a fantastic view of miles of ocean!

Samet Nangshe – 30 minutes drive North of Phuket, Samet Nangshe gives unrivaled views of Phang Nga Bay, one of the most beautiful places on earth!

aerial view of a beach surrounded by green trees
Karon Viewpoint

25. Take a Day Trip Out to Phi Phi or James Bond Island

So I talked above about taking a private boat up into Phang Nga Bay, however a cheaper route would be a day long boat trip with one of the boat companies here in Phuket.

A trip to Phi Phi, usually includes a couple of stop offs at local beaches, some snorkeling stops, an unforgettable visit to Maya Bay and of course lunch and an exploration of the main Phi Phi Island.

A trip up to James Bond island (my favorite trip) takes you up through Phang Nga Bay.

You’ll see the massive limestone karsts on your journey, stop to explore caves, go sea canoeing (which is great fun), see the famous rock featured in the James Bond movie ‘The Man With Golden Gun’ and depending on the tour you take, will lunch at a fascinating muslim floating village called Koh Panyi.

It’s a great day out!

rock formation in the middle of a beach
A very dark pic of James Bond Island

26. Visit the Phuket Trickeye Museum

This wouldn’t be my first choice when coming to Phuket on holiday, but if you have kids, this is a great place to wile away an afternoon!

Like many other trick eye museums around the world, extremely clever artists have painted various scenes into the walls and floors and depending where you stand and where your accompanying friend taking the photo stands, it can look like you’re crossing a huge ravine, about to be eaten by a shark, surfing a huge wave, etc.

Lots of fun for all the family!

27. Take a Thai cooking class

You cannot visit Phuket or Thailand for that matter, without taking a Thai cooking class!

Thai food is some of the best in the world and even if you can’t cook (like moi), it’s still such a fun experience!

The best cooking school here in Phuket is the Blue Elephant Cooking School. Set in a huge mansion, it’s a half day class with lots of others all wanting to learn how to cook Thai food. So it’s loads of fun!

The Chefs are spectacular and if you take the morning class (which I recommend), they’ll take you out to the morning market to buy all the ingredients, which is an experience in itself!

Then back to the kitchen you’ll go to whip up wonders like Massaman Curry, Papaya Salad, or Grilled Seabass!

And don’t think they’ll skimp on dessert either. If there’s one thing the Thai’s love, it’s their desserts (no idea how they’re all so thin).

You might be lucky enough to be making mango & sticky rice, steamed coconut pudding, or banana pudding.

Just writing about it is making me hungry!

Well worth the experience!

my daughter and I wearing our blue arpron while cooking

28. Hike to the Bang Pae Waterfall

I’ve included this as it is one of the more traditional recommended things to do in Phuket.

But seriously, if you’ve ever been to Yosemite, seen any big waterfalls in Australia, New Zealand, the US or anywhere else in the world, whatever you do, don’t go for the waterfall.

While a pleasant site and you can swim in the rock pools in wet season, it’s by no means a stunning waterfall which is going to bowl you over!

The hike is nice through the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park (although take mozzie repellant) and if you fancy a break from the sun & sea for the day, the trees make for a nice cool canopy.

But I wouldn’t get excited and make it a central trip to see an amazing waterfall as I fear your hopes might be dashed!

waterfall in between rock hills

29. Check Out the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

I have to admit I have never been to the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery. Mainly because I don’t drink rum or gin, which are the two featured drinks here.

I’ve heard it’s a good trip however and at 300THB a person ($9) for a 30 minute tour, plus a free Mojito sounds like a good deal!

For the rum & gin lovers amongst you, they also offer daily cocktail workshops at 2pm or 4pm. Ooh! Happy hour! Nice 🙂

30. See a Fireshow

Asian fireshows are legendary!

With no regard for public (or their own) health and safety whatsoever, Thai men & women risk burns and injury every night to twirl fireballs over the heads, swing chains with flaming blocks, light huge circular girandola with firecrackers and rockets and if you’re lucky, sit you right in the middle of it while breathing flames above your head!

It’s hugely exciting!

Seriously though, they are a spectacle and worth heading to a local beach to see a nightly (depending on the season) or Friday night fireshow.

We hired a team to do a show for our wedding in Phang Nga and it was nothing short of spectacular!

Check with your hotel when you arrive where and when the nearest fireshow is on.

fireshow in the middle of the road

Things to Do in Phuket Summary

There are a multitude of things to do in Phuket, but I think I’ve covered the main ones!

From sunbathing on one of the many various beaches, to eating fabulous Thai dishes, sailing around Phang Nga Bay or watching a sunset while sipping a cold one, the one thing I can guarantee you is that this is a beautiful part of the world.

a boat floating at the seashore of the white sand and green beach

If you’re unsure about holidaying in Thailand or even in Asia for that matter, you need to know how safe it is here and how wonderful South East Asian people are from Thailand to Cambodia, to Vietnam! They are seriously the friendliest people in the world.

So before you head off, let me tell you a few more things about Phuket you need to consider and know before coming.

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Visiting Phuket FAQ’s

What’s the local currency?

The currency is Thai Baht – the exchange rate at the time of writing is $1 = 33THB / £1 = 44THB

Do the locals speak English?

While many of the local Thais don’t speak a word of English, most that are in the service trade, ie, hotels, restaurants, shops etc, speak fluently or enough to get by.

You won’t have a problem speaking English over here.

How bad are the mosquitos?

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of mosquitos. You’ll rarely get bothered on the beach, it’s when the dusk is settling in and you’re sitting near a body of water like a pool or a lake, that they may start to feast.

The Thai’s are very good at spraying so in most of the hotels they pride themselves in eliminating the mozzies as much as possible. However, if you’re prone to mozzie bites, come prepared.

Unfortunately some of the mozzies in Thailand come with a little gift in the form of dengue fever. Touch wood in 10 years I’ve never had it, although I’m pretty immune to mozzie’s these days. But it is real and if you get it, it will make you feel like crap!

Mozzie spray is your friend!

You can deet up or go for an all natural lemongrass type spray. I find most work. Best to spray in the evenings or if you’re going jungle hiking anywhere.

Can I go topless on the beach?

Absolutely not!

This is a Buddhist country with a large muslim population also, so dress appropriately.

When visiting temples be sure to take a sarong or shawl and don’t wear shorts that reveal bum cheeks, no matter how pert they are!

On the beaches you’re fine in tiny bikinis, but keep those tops on ladies as a show of respect.

Do I need to take my shoes off when going in shops?

Not in the major shopping centers or malls. They’re very used to Westerners by now, so most places are more westernized these days.

However, if you’re told to take your shoes off to enter someone’s home or a small side street chemist etc, then please do. You’ll likely be wearing flip flops anyway so it’s no big deal!

Do I have to wear a mask everywhere?

Yes. Masks are mandatory. There is a fine for not wearing a mask.

However, they have become a lot more relaxed in the last few months and in most outdoor restaurants, at beaches etc, you won’t be expected to wear a mask.

Just use your common sense!

I heard I can go to prison if I say something bad about the King, is that true?

Yes. It’s a law called Lese Majeste.

The Royal Family are greatly revered by the Thai people and as such it is a criminal offense to say, write or post anything negative about the royal family that comes with a 15 year jail sentence!

On the other hand, it’s a wonderful experience to see everyone stand up to the King’s Anthem before a movie starts in the cinema.

Am I likely to get food poisoning?

This depends on how sensitive your stomach is.

If you eat in the hotels, beach shacks and local restaurants you should be absolutely fine. The only place to be a little careful are the street markets.

What if I need a doctor?

The medical system over here is second to none. If I were back in the UK and I had something seriously wrong with me, I’d come back over here to get treated.

If you have anything at all which causes you concern head straight to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket Town. (Take your passport)

You’ll be whipped straight in to see a doctor or into the emergency room for treatment.

The hospital is clean, modern and everyone speaks a good level of English.

You will be charged, but unless it’s something really serious which requires an operation or hospital stay, it’s very affordable.

Are all the beaches ok for swimming?

As long as you’re here between November and April and you can indeed swim, you should be absolutely fine swimming here in Phuket.

There are jellyfish at times, but most are non stingers. I have heard of the odd box jellyfish incident but not in Phuket, or not recently anyway.

The Andaman sea is warm and mostly calm, but like any other ocean, there are rips and it is the habitat of many sea creatures so nothing is guaranteed.

All I can tell you is that I’ve never seen a shark, I’ve bumped into a few jellyfish without incident and every now and again a croc is spotted and caught!

You’ll be fine!

Do I need to be aware of crime?

I myself have never had an issue. In fact I left my phone on a restaurant table once and a guy chased me down the street to give it back to me!

We regularly leave our house doors open, our car doors open and I’ve never felt safer in any other country.

Saying that, there’s crime like anywhere else in the world.

So be vigilant, don’t leave valuables laying around. Lock your passports in the safe in your room and ladies, don’t wander around in dark alleyways on your own at night!

Just be sensible and use common sense.

What’s the cheapest way to use my phone in Thailand?

Whatever you do, don’t use international roaming from your own country. That will cost you an arm and a leg!

When you arrive in Thailand, grab a Dtac or TrueMove Sim card from a vendor at the airport. Sign up to a 2 week package for about 300Baht ($9) and use that.

You’ll likely also be able to use the WiFi in the hotel and most restaurants bars and cafes have good wifi.

In fact the Wifi here in Thailand is brilliant so if you have to do some work while you’re here or you’re a digital nomad, it’s great!

Do I need lots of cash?

Not really.

You can pretty much use your phone or cards almost everywhere nowadays.

If you want to buy stuff at the markets or from beach hawkers they’ll usually want cash and if you intend to leave tips at restaurants or tip the guys at the hotel you might want a little cash.

Tips by the way are optional (but a nice thing to do) and it’s up to you how much you give. I usually give 100THB to the guy who brings my luggage to the room, and 15%-20% in restaurants and cafes.

Why You Should Visit Phuket

Phuket got hit hard by the pandemic.

As an island that relies on tourism, for it to just stop in the abrupt way it did, it all but ruined the economy.

Many Thais returned home to their families in the North and North East to help out running the farms or small family businesses.

Many with nowhere else to go stayed and starved.

As Farangs (foreigners) in their country from 2020 to date, we banded together, raised lots of cash and delivered food bags to families and villages across the Island.

Many foreign companies donated millions, schools did big fundraisers and many just dug deep.

Tourism is slowly starting to recover and you can see the island starting to come alive again, but they’ve still got a way to go.

By coming to Phuket you’ll be supporting the local economy and feeding families. I guarantee you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

See here for a list of 101 travel tips to make your travels smoother and easier and then book a flight, grab your sunscreen and mozzie spray, get yourself over here and have a fantastic time!

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Have fun!

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