Think You’re Too Old for Nomadic Life? Here’s Why It’s Never Too Late to Dream a New Dream

I’m too old to start publishing ‘on camera’ videos on TikTok.

I’m 51.

It’s not true of course. There are plenty of very successful older people on TikTok, it’s just my belief systems kicking in.

I look in the mirror and think ‘who wants to see my wrinkly face and sagging jowls?

The chances are my face isn’t as wrinkly as I think it is, nor do my jowls sag to my chest as I think they do, but our own worst enemy is always ourselves.

And as we get older, far from embracing the confidence we thought would come from life experience, we actually tend to shrink down to fit the media portrayals and traditional narratives of older people.

Let’s face it, once you get past 60, your nigh on invisible to the world around you, let alone expected to start a new business or don a backpack and travel the world!

But while this ‘invisibility’ is actually a huge bonus (in other words, no-one’s watching), our limiting beliefs can result in;

  • Missed opportunities for personal growth and adventure
  • Unfulfilled lifelong dreams
  • Underestimating our potential in the digital age

The fact is age and experience are massive assets in the nomadic online business world

In reality, your years of experience and skills are invaluable assets for starting an online business while traveling.

A 2023 Enterprise Nation ‘Small Business Barometer’ report found that the average age of business founders in the UK was 46, and that 35% of businesses are started and run by people over 50. The same is true in the US where the average age is 45 and 60% of entrepreneurs are 40+ according to Statista.

But as we get older, we’re not looking to start the next tech bubble, unicorn style business. Stats show that almost 50% of businesses started by 50+ entrepreneurs are to create better ‘work/life balance‘ and even more impressively to ‘give back and share their knowledge‘.

A profitable business with a positive impact that gives more time and location freedom?

You can’t get better than that.

My own entrepreneurial story started in my 30’s, but after many years as an expat, I’ve only just started my journey as a full time nomad. And although it feels a bit more scary now I’m older, I know that by taking the leap out of my comfort zone I’ll grow as a person and stay young and vital!

By embracing both nomadic living and online business later in life, we can leverage our expertise, enjoy location independence, and create a fulfilling “second act” career.

How to shift your mindset from “too old” to “never too late”

To shed any ‘too old’ limiting beliefs, start by challenging your assumptions about age limitations. Research inspiring stories of older nomadic solopreneurs or join online communities for 50+ travellers.

Also identify your existing skills that can translate to an online business. Find mentors who can walk you through how to get started step by step, and commit to learning one new tech skill each month, whether it’s using social media for marketing or getting your head around ChatGPT.

Technology might seem daunting at first, but many tools are designed to be user-friendly for all ages.

As you shift your perspective and your skills in new technologies grow, you’ll discover a world of possibilities. Your life experiences might make you an excellent online mentor, your hobby could turn into a profitable e-commerce store, or your professional skills could be the foundation for a lucrative consulting business.

The goal is to feel rejuvenated by the challenge of learning new skills and applying your wisdom in innovative ways, not overwhelmed.

Go easy on yourself and remember no matter your age, an old dog can always learn new tricks (or can hire someone else who knows them!)

Why the “too old to start” myth is fading away

The concept of a fixed retirement age is becoming obsolete as people live longer, healthier lives.

Digital technology has made nomadic living more accessible than ever, regardless of age.

Platforms and tools are becoming increasingly user-friendly, catering to users of all tech levels, and the rise of the “silver economy” means there’s growing demand for products and services catering to older adults, creating niche opportunities for 50+ entrepreneurs.

By embracing technology and nomadic entrepreneurship in our 50s and beyond, we’re pioneering a new way of aging that prioritizes experiences, personal growth, and freedom.

From celebrating your 60th birthday on a beach in Bali, or using your lifetime of skills to make a difference in communities around the world, the future of work and retirement blends technology, travel, and lifelong learning.

You have the chance to be at the forefront of this exciting shift, proving that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and embrace the nomadic entrepreneur lifestyle.

Believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you, and design your life the way you truly want to live it.

Your time is now!

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