Bali Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements & Application Process

Although there is no specific Bali Digital Nomad Visa, the Indonesian government do offer something called the B211A visa which can facilitate your dream of working and living in Bali as a Digital Nomad or remote worker.

Located in Indonesia and famed for its mystical beauty and tourist attractions, Bali offers an appealing combination of affordability, connectivity, community, natural beauty, and cultural richness, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs seeking a balanced, inspiring, and productive environment.

In this article, we’ll explore the the B211A Visit Visa, what it’s about, and why it’s a game-changer for many digital nomads and remote workers seeking to blend work, leisure, and travel.

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What is The Bali Digital Nomad Visa?

The B211A Visit Visa, known also as ‘the social visa’, covers travel and stay throughout Indonesia, not just Bali. This means that holders of the B211A visa can legally stay and work remotely anywhere in Indonesia for an initial period of 60 days. However, it can be extended twice more without leaving the country, giving you a total of 180 days.

While you cannot work for any company or business in Bali or Indonesia on this visa, it’s appropriate for digital nomads and remote workers, who want the flexibility to move around and explore different parts of the country while maintaining their remote work commitments.

The Benefits of the Bali Digital Nomad Visa

benefits of the Bali Digital Nomad Visa

The Indonesian government launched this groundbreaking visa initiative to boost the local economy and tourism.

Here are the key benefits of having the B211A visa;

  1. Exemption from Paying Local Taxes: As with many countries offering digital nomads visas, a significant advantage of this is that digital nomads pay taxes only in their home country, not in Indonesia or any local company. This is a crucial factor for many remote workers considering the financial implications of working in a foreign country.
  2. Simple and Streamlined Application Process: The online application process for the B211A visa is designed to be user-friendly. All the necessary documents, including a valid passport, passport photo with a white background, return ticket, and proof of health insurance, can be submitted digitally via the official e-Visa Website for Indonesia.
  3. Access to High-Speed Internet: Recognizing the needs of digital nomads, Bali offers high-speed internet in most city centers and coworking spaces. This ensures that remote workers can maintain productivity and stay connected.
  4. Affordable Living with Low Estimated Monthly Costs: Bali is known for its low cost of living, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads looking to maximize their earnings while enjoying a high quality of life. A single person can expect to spend around $700 to $1,800 per month, while a couple might spend about $1,700 to $2,300 per month, depending on lifestyle choices and preferences.​
  5. Cultural Enrichment and Beautiful Landscapes: Living in Bali provides an opportunity to explore its rich local culture and breathtaking natural beauty, from serene beaches to lush national parks.
  6. Vibrant Community of Digital Nomads: With the B211A Visit Visa, Bali has become a digital nomad destination. There are many Facebook groups and community gatherings where digital nomads can connect share experiences, and form networks.
  7. Professional Services for Visa Assistance: To aid in the application process, there are professional services available that can guide applicants through each step, ensuring that all the documents are in order and the application fee is correctly processed.
  8. Health Financing Security: Having health insurance is a mandatory requirement for the visa, providing peace of mind for digital nomads about their health financing while in Indonesia.
  9. Diverse Visa Options: The visa known as the B211A Visit Visa, provides an alternative to the traditional single-entry business visa or tourist visa, catering specifically to the needs of remote workers.
  10. Support from Indonesian Authorities: The Indonesian government and the Indonesian embassy are proactive in providing information and assistance, showing their commitment to making Bali an inviting place for digital nomads.

The B211A Visit Visa is the closest visa that could be regarded as a Bali digital nomad visa and serves as a permit to enter and work remotely in Indonesia.

It’s also a gateway to a tropical paradise where work and lifestyle blend seamlessly. With benefits ranging from tax advantages to cultural immersion, it’s an unparalleled opportunity for digital nomads looking to explore new horizons.

Bali Digital Nomad Visa- Requirements, Application & Costs

requirements for Bali Digital Nomad Visa

The B211A Visit Visa, just like a tourist visa but with special features, offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to live and work remotely in Bali.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the application process, eligibility requirements, and associated costs:

Eligibility Requirements

Single-Entry B211A Visit Visa:

  • This single-entry visa requires a passport valid for a minimum of twelve months for a 180-day visa or six months for a 60-day visa.
  • A bank statement showing at least $2,000 USD or equivalent.
  • A return ticket or onward ticket to another country.
  • Two colored photographs, size of 4 cm x 6 cm.


  • Valid Passport: Applicants must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into Indonesia.
  • Health Insurance: As with most digital nomad visas, proof of health insurance that covers your stay in Bali is mandatory. This ensures health financing security during your stay.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds: Applicants need to provide proof of sufficient funds to support their stay. This can be in the form of bank statements or income verification.
  • No Intent to Take Up Employment: The visa stipulates that holders cannot engage in any form of employment within Indonesia. It’s strictly for remote workers employed or running businesses outside of Indonesia.
  • Background Check: A clean criminal record is essential. Applicants may need to provide a police clearance certificate from their home country.

Application Process

How to apply the Bali Digital Nomad Visa
  • Online Application: The application for the B211A Visit Visa starts with an online process, where you fill out the necessary forms and submit digital copies of all the required documents. You can apply for the visa by accessing the government’s official immigration website.
  • Documents Submission: This includes your passport photo (with a white background), a copy of your valid passport, health insurance documents, and proof of financial stability.
  • Professional Service Assistance: It’s advisable to use a professional visa service to navigate the complexities of the application process. They can ensure that all your documents meet the requirements and guide you through each step.
  • Interview and Verification: Some applicants may be required to attend an interview at the Indonesian embassy or consulate in their home country. This is part of the visa approval process.
  • Waiting Period: After submitting your application, there’s a processing time during which the Indonesian authorities review your application. This period can vary, so it’s important to apply well in advance of your planned travel date.


  • Application Fee: There is a non-refundable application fee for the B211A visa. The exact amount can vary, so it’s essential to check the latest fee structure on the official Indonesian embassy website or through your chosen visa service. Typically, the costs for a B211a visa vary based on the type and duration:
    • For a single-entry visa valid for 60 days, the fee is $131.23.
    • For a single-entry visa valid for 180 days, the fee is $393.70.
    • For a single-entry tourist visa valid for 60 days, the fee is $98.43.

The B211a visa starts as a 60-day visa that can be extended twice for an additional 60 days each time, allowing for a total potential stay of up to 180 days in Indonesia per visit. This visa specifically allows for remote work, with the condition that the hiring company or client is not located in Indonesia

Other Costs

  • Professional Service Fee: If you opt for professional service assistance, they will charge a separate fee for their services. The cost varies on the services offered and other special requests, different visa applications or additional legal requirements.
  • Health Insurance Cost: The cost of health insurance will depend on the coverage and the duration of your stay.
  • Additional Costs: Depending on your home country, there might be additional costs for background checks, document notarization, or translation services.

The B211A Visit Visa offers a unique opportunity to live and work in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places in the world. Although the process might seem daunting at first, the rewards of successfully obtaining this visa are immense. Not only does it allow you to immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of Bali, but it also provides a legal and secure way to enjoy the benefits of being a digital nomad in Indonesia.

By carefully following the requirements and procedures, and budgeting for the associated costs, this visa can be your gateway to an unparalleled remote working experience.

Bali Digital Nomad Visa- Resources to Stay Up to Date with Visa Changes

World Visa Guide

Indonesia Immigration Portal

Visa Registration Website

Do I Need a Bali Digital Nomad Visa?

If you’re a remote worker eyeing Bali as your next workstation, pondering whether you need a Digital Nomad Visa is crucial. This B211A Visit Visa is by far the closest alternative for staying in Bali which caters to digital nomads. Unlike a tourist visa, it legally permits remote work for a company or clients outside Indonesia.

The Tourism Minister of Indonesia introduced this as part of efforts to boost long-term tourism, providing a legal framework for working remotely in Bali for up to six months. While it doesn’t offer an extended stay of up to five years like some visas in other countries, such as multiple-entry Schengen visas, the B211A Visa is a fitting choice for those planning a medium-term stay in this tropical paradise.

Best Places to Live or Explore In Bali for Digital Nomads

Best Places to Live or Explore In Bali for Digital Nomads

For digital nomads considering Bali as their destination, several places stand out as ideal due to their amenities, connectivity, and community:


top view of a beach with small waves and beside is a community - bali digital nomad visa

Known for its laid-back vibe, Canggu is a hotspot for digital nomads. It offers a plethora of co-working spaces, cafes with high-speed internet, and a vibrant expat community. The area is also famous for its surf beaches and health-conscious restaurants.


infinity pool in the middle of the forest surrounded by big tall green trees -bali digital nomad visa

The cultural heart of Bali, Ubud, is perfect for those who seek a tranquil environment. It’s surrounded by rice fields and rainforests, offering a peaceful work setting. Ubud is also home to numerous wellness retreats and yoga studios.


infinity pool full of people swimming in it while watching sunset

For those looking for a more upscale environment, Seminyak offers luxury accommodations, trendy cafes, and an active nightlife. It’s more cosmopolitan compared to other parts of Bali and is great for networking.


rock brown mountain beside a body of water also shows red flowers

Situated on the south coast, Uluwatu is renowned for its dramatic cliffside views and world-class surf spots. It’s quieter compared to Canggu and Seminyak, suitable for those who prefer a more secluded setting.

Each of these areas provides unique experiences and environments, catering to the different preferences and lifestyles of digital nomads.

Bali Digital Nomad Visa- Summary

The B211A visa may not specifically be a Bali digital nomad visa, but it offers a unique gateway for remote workers to legally blend their professional and tropical lifestyles seamlessly. This visa, appropriate for digital nomads, stands out with its tax benefits, straightforward application process, and access to high-speed internet, catering to the practical needs of remote working.

Bali’s low living costs, cultural richness, and supportive digital nomad community enhance its appeal. However, it’s important to stay updated with visa changes and requirements, which can be done through resources like the Indonesia Immigration Portal.

For those considering this opportunity, it’s a chance to experience one of the most enchanting destinations in the world while maintaining professional productivity.

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Bali Digital Nomad Visa- FAQs

Does Bali have a Digital Nomad Visa?

Not exactly. Bali does not offer a specific digital nomad visa but provides for a B211a visit visa issued by the Indonesian government. This visa is designed to cater to the growing community of digital nomads who wish to work remotely while residing in Bali and encourage digital nomads to visit Indonesia. The visa allows for a stay of up to six months, providing an opportunity to enjoy the island’s lifestyle while legally working in a remote capacity.

It is completely legal to be a digital nomad in Bali under the B211A Visit Visa. This visa ensures that digital nomads can work remotely for companies or clients outside of Indonesia without any legal issues. The introduction of this suitable visa demonstrates Indonesia’s commitment to adapting its policies to the evolving nature of work and travel. However, visa holders are not allowed to work for Indonesian businesses or companies.

Is Bali Good for Digital Nomads?

Bali is an excellent destination for digital nomads, offering high-speed internet, a variety of co-working spaces, and a vibrant community of other digital nomads.

The island’s appeal lies not just in its technological infrastructure but also in its rich local culture, scenic beauty, and affordable living costs. Bali’s city center and other areas provide an ideal balance of work, leisure, and cultural immersion.

How do I Become a Digital Nomad in Bali?

To become a digital nomad in Bali, start by applying for the B211A Visit Visa. This involves submitting a visa application along with the necessary documents, including proof of income, travel insurance, and a valid passport.

Once in Bali, digital nomads typically find accommodation near co-working spaces for convenience. It’s important to have a reliable internet connection and local SIM cards for communication. Most places in Bali frequented by digital nomads have stable to high internet speeds for hassle-free remote work.

What Should I Know about Taxes and Insurance as a Digital Nomad in Bali?

As a digital nomad in Bali, understanding the nuances of paying taxes and having adequate insurance is crucial. Under the B211a visa, digital nomads are not required to pay taxes on income earned as a result of remote or freelance work, provided the work is not contracted with any Indonesian company.

However, digital nomads pay tax either from the country where clients or employers are located and in some cases, their home countries where such tax laws are applicable. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to have travel insurance for the entire visa period to cover any unforeseen medical expenses. It’s also important to note that the rules regarding taxes can change, so staying informed is key.

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