How to Travel the World in 2024 (by Starting a Lifestyle Business)

If you’re wondering how to travel the world in 2024 or beyond but perhaps have some concerns around travel restrictions or just general travel challenges, fear not!

I’ve been traveling for the last 13 years, am currently based in Phuket, Thailand, and in the not too distant future will be packing up my MacBook, putting on my walking shoes and once again heading out to traverse the globe!

Photo collage of my travel escapades

Here’s why I think now is the best time to start traveling the world;

1. Embracing a Post Pandemic World

The aftermath of the pandemic has taught us the value of human connection and the importance of cherishing our experiences. As the world gradually recovers and countries welcome tourists once again, now is the perfect time to explore and rediscover the beauty of our planet.

Traveling also allows us to meet new people and form genuine connections, fulfilling our need for personal interaction.

2. Committing to Sustainable Travel

As climate change becomes an ever more pressing issue, and breakthroughs in science and technology seek to mitigate its impact, the focus on sustainable travel has never been more critical.

Exploring the world in an eco-conscious manner, by choosing sustainable accommodations and engaging in environmentally-friendly activities, allows us to minimize our footprint while still enjoying the wonders of our planet.

3. Emphasis on Local Experiences

The pandemic has made travelers appreciate the importance of supporting local communities and businesses. As a result, many destinations now offer authentic local experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and contribute to the community, making travel more meaningful and enriching.

4. Keeping the Dream of Travel Alive in a Rapidly Changing Environment

The next 20 – 50 years will probably be the most change we’ll see in our lifetime. AI is moving fast, augmented reality, 3d printing, cryptocurrency, currency debasements, breakthroughs in medicine, climate change, space travel, the aftermath of the pandemic, and massive civil unrest all point to a volatile and unpredictable future.

I for one would like to keep my feet on the ground and be at one with nature as much as possible by exploring new destinations, connecting with cultures, broadening my mind further, and experiencing life in its truest form!

5. Make Your Hard Earned Dollar Go Further

I’m no tax specialist, but for the long-term travelers amongst us, travel comes with tax benefits. With increasing income disparities and inequities in tax burdens between large corporations and individuals, there’s no doubt that Western governments are excessively taxing their citizens while mismanaging funds for questionable purposes. (Don’t get me started).

Your specific tax situation will depend on your country of origin and the extent to which you’re willing to make changes (such as renouncing citizenship). But if you’re considering long term travel be sure to get some tax advice as the chances are you’ll be better off.

6. Improve your mental health

Let me preface by clarifying I am not a psychologist, but I firmly believe traveling improves your mental health on an unprecedented scale!

Viewing the world from a different angle, meeting different cultures, and experiencing varying standards of living, broadens the mind and promotes tolerance, understanding, and gratitude. Emotions that seem sadly lacking in today’s society.

Once you’ve seen some of the things you’ll witness while traveling the world you’ll never unsee them and your new broadened mindset will change the way you view the world forever.

Whatever the reason for taking the leap and traveling the world, there is truly only upside! As Saint Augustine said;

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page!

the world is a book quote about travelling

How I started traveling the world

Back in 2010 my partner & I had the privilege of visiting some friends in Cyprus who were running an online business. Fed up with life in the UK following the recession of 2008/2009, and with failed offline businesses behind us, when our friends went traveling and invited us to housesit, we sold everything we owned inside of a week, rented our house out, and jumped on a plane (with, by the way, our 4-year-old daughter, about $1000 & a couple of credit cards).

We really haven’t looked back since. Some 13 years later, we’ve visited 30+ countries and my daughter has mainly been raised here in Phuket, Thailand, where she’s attended school.

If I had my time again, we would have visited a lot more countries and she would have been world schooled, but that’s another blog post!

Come next June when she finishes her IB high school diploma, we’ll be off on the road again. (I have seriously itchy feet.)

I wouldn’t necessarily advocate the way we started our round the world trip! You have to be very comfortable moving outside of your comfort zone and flying by the seat of your pants, which isn’t for everyone, but let’s explore some of the best routes for planning, financing & making the most of world travel!

traveling the world with my family - my daughter and I on the beach

How to Travel the World

Choose how you want to travel the world

First, it’s a good idea to decide what kind of world traveler you want to become. Determining your travel goals, ensures you create the right plan, do the right research, and have enough money to go where you want and do what you want to do.

  • Perhaps you simply want to do one complete trip around the world and then settle back down in your home country again.
  • Maybe you’re looking at budget travel and want to travel the world with a backpack and a list of hostels.
  • You might be considering house sitting or pet sitting your way around the world.
  • Maybe you’re dreaming of traveling the world for free!
  • Perhaps you’ve had enough of your own country and want to take a one way flight to ‘destination anywhere.’
  • Or, the best route and the one I personally recommend is a combination of the above, exploring all of the worldwide opportunities via long term travel as a digital nomad. (And if you think becoming a digital nomad is ‘only for the kids’, think again. We’ll explore this topic in more detail later in the article.)
digital nomad - image of me working on the beach

Create a Bucket List of Destinations

Once you have an idea of the kind of travel you’ll be undertaking, it’s a good idea to create a bucket list of destinations.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, far more planning will now be involved in choosing and visiting countries, but it doesn’t hurt to start with a list of all the foreign countries you’d love to visit!

Countries are now becoming much more accessible again, so write down your dream destinations and begin planning your routes to get there.

picture in front of the famout Taj Mahal in India
Yours truly during a 3 week backpacking trip across India. And yes, the Taj Mahal is as impressive and majestic as it’s made out to be!

Start Planning How to Travel the World

The days of just jumping on a plane and going where the wind will take you aren’t quite as flexible as they once were, so creating a list of ideal places to visit, planning your route, and making notes of the various travel restrictions and paperwork needed will go a long way to helping you achieve your travel adventures!

Here’s how I’d go about it;

  1. Where do I want to go?
  2. How long do I want to stay there?
  3. What are the travel restrictions if any? What paperwork do I need?
  4. Do I need a visa? What kind of visa do I need?
  5. Have I got the right travel insurance for the trip I’m planning?
  6. How much will it cost?

For number 6 it all depends on the type of travel you’re embarking on. If you’re going to be house sitting, now is the time to start joining house sitting groups. If you’re looking for free accommodation, start trawling through sites like If you’re on a tight budget, start exploring cheap accommodation options of which there are many on Airbnb, and

However, as I said above the best route to total travel freedom is by starting your own lifestyle business and traveling the world as a digital nomad.

the surin islands picture showing someone in the middle of the beach
The Surin Islands, Northern Phang Nga in Thailand on the border of Myanmar

How to Travel the World by Starting a Lifestyle Business

Since 2010, my husband & I have been generating all of our income online giving us the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world.

Over the past few years, the online landscape has changed dramatically making it easier than ever to launch, grow and build a successful business entirely online without the need to be in any one place for any length of time.

If the thought of starting a ‘business’ sounds a little overwhelming, the fastest route to achieving your travel dreams is to become a freelancer.

Simply define the skill sets you have to offer to other businesses, sign up to sites like or, create a profile, and start pitching for work.

Within a few days, you could start generating what you’re currently earning in your job, except you can work on the go from anywhere!

Check out my step-by-step guide to start freelancing.

Other options are to;

The online world is truly your oyster. No matter what passion or interest you have, if there are others out there who share your passion you can create a business out of it.

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Here are 189 online lifestyle business ideas to help you get started.

When people talk about traveling the world for free, they usually mean by volunteering for free accommodation or Couchsurfing and living on other people’s sofas, or working for a free stay somewhere, or travel hacking credit cards and getting free flights via points, etc.

That all sounds like a lot of work to me!

I’d rather spend my days doing something I love (like writing this blog) and generate the income needed to continue traveling the world as long as I want to. Sometimes staying in budget accommodation, sometimes spending time in expensive hotels.

That to me is the true meaning of traveling the world for free. Doing something I love to do when I want to do it from wherever in the world I happen to be!

doing what you love to do while traveling the world - me scuba diving

Planning Your Travel

Although the pandemic is now officially over, different countries have varying requirements and travel restrictions you’ll have to navigate.

Unfortunately, things change so fast it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it completely, but here are some great resources to help you;

App in the Air is a great app to plan your forthcoming trips. With the options to check flights, & hotels, it also gives up to date information on travel restrictions to your chosen country. It also launched a web page allowing you to enter your ‘from’ and ‘to’ countries to get the latest updates on transit restrictions. Very handy tools.

Rome 2 Rio is another similar app, allowing you to check flights, buses, driving routes, etc and hotels, while also giving you the latest travel info for your selected countries.

Sherpa, a company with a vision to help people travel more freely, has a free tool which allows you to enter your from and to countries to get the latest info, plus the webpage gives daily updates of recent government announcements with regards to changes to travel restrictions or recommendations. It’s an excellent resource!

Svcreenshot of sherpa - check covid restrictions

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre website gives you the option to add your personal & travel details to get health advice and travel restrictions for your destination country.

The TripIt Traveler Resource Center offers links to public health & safety officials, plus travel provider guidelines for airports, airlines, hotels etc.

Save Money

Even with a lifestyle business or side hustle bringing in regular revenues, it’s a good idea to save a bit of money for a rainy day! As we’ve discovered over the last couple of years, anything can happen and you could suddenly find yourself stuck in a country you only planned to live in for a few weeks with dodgy internet and expensive hotels!

If you’ve planned well, it’s highly unlikely you’d let yourself get into that situation but it’s always best to have a risk management strategy and for travel that’s a few bucks in the bank to back you up!

When we left to travel the world, we had about $1000 and a couple of credit cards. It was quite dicey for the first couple of years, but we traveled through countries far cheaper than our own allowing us to gradually build up a bit of a nest egg.

That is a strategy worth considering. Rather than attempting to save tons of money before you leave and potentially never leaving as you never have enough money, simply put two or three months’ worth of what you think it will cost you aside. Embrace budget travel for the first 6 months or so, travel through cheaper countries, and save as you go!

Research & Book Your Travel Adventure

Now you’ve done all your planning, have a side hustle or small lifestyle business you’re growing and are chomping at the bit to get going, it’s time to start researching your hotels, transportation options within the country, connecting with other travelers via forums and groups and finally booking your first trip!

Depending on who I’m traveling with or what our long term plans are I have a couple of different booking strategies. For larger groups or longer distances, considering the option of a charter bus could provide a comfortable and cost-effective solution.

For example, when I go on short 3 – 4 week exploration trips with my Sister, we generally start with a rough itinerary of the places we’ll be visiting, including bucket list items in each destination, like hot air ballooning over Bagan in Myanmar, Scuba Diving with Manta’s in Bali or adrenaline-pumping zipline tours in the Poconos’, and then book the first flight and one night’s accommodation.

That’s it. We have no idea if the area we’ve chosen is where we want to stay or how much we’ll love the country. So the less we book upfront, the more flexibility we have once in the country.

If I’m planning longer term travel with my husband and daughter, we’re more likely to again start with an itinerary of the places we want to visit. Book the flights for the entire trip in advance and book hotels/accommodation for the entire trip.

When we start to travel again next year, we’ll most likely book flights in and out of countries, but only secure a few days’ accommodation until we get there and decide where we want to stay.

We use both and google flights to check flights.

Screenshot of google flights

I use,, & for hotels and for car hire or transportation, whoever the local car hire company is.

Hot tip! If you’re going to be doing a lot of car hire, take out car excess insurance. It’s well worth the money as car hire firms can charge astronomical damage excess fees. Car excess insurance ensures you’ll only ever pay up to the amount of excess you’ve agreed upon and the car hire insurance company will pay the rest. We use

Also check out Discover Cars to compare car rental prices across the globe. They’ll help you to find the most competitive prices in over 145 countries and are completely upfront, including all costs, taxes, extra fees, etc, within your quoted price so there’s no surprises.

Traveling Safely

A top priority when planning your round the world trip is to ensure you always put safety first, especially if you’re thinking of going solo!

I can’t speak much about solo travel as I’ve generally always been with my family or sister, but be sure to read travel guidelines about each country you’re going to visit.

But don’t just take your own government’s word as to whether a country is safe to travel or not. If we did that we’d never have lived in Thailand all these years!

There are enough travel blogs online now to read in-depth reports on every country around the world. Bold travelers who have already taken the plunge are writing amazing tour guides for a multitude of destinations.

Read as much about a country as you can before you go, including the local traditions, a bit of history, what its government/economy is like and learn some basic local language like hello, where’s the toilet and one beer please!

Always use common sense when traveling. Don’t walk down dark empty streets at night, don’t flash expensive jewelry unless on a private yacht sailing into Cannes, keep your bags close to your body, try not to look like a total tourist where possible, and don’t venture into areas or neighborhoods with bad reputations.

The local tourism office is always a good start when looking for local maps and must-see places vs no-go areas!

The more you can educate yourself on a country before you visit the better.

diving with mantas

Other Ways to Travel the World

My preferred route to traversing the globe is via a lifestyle business however there are many other options for you to explore other countries while having fun!

  1. Become a volunteer. Sites like offer opportunities for you to apply to work for your accommodation and food. Anything from picking fruit, painting and decorating, teaching or running social media campaigns.
  2. Get a job overseas. Rather than traveling to many different locations, perhaps there’s just one country you’d love to move to for a time. If that’s the case, start applying for jobs in your country of choice. Teaching English is potentially a great option.
  3. Become a Wwoofer! stands for ‘world wide opportunities on organic farms.’ Choose your destination, make contact with the hosts and your price for accommodation is learning all about organic farming. Instead of spending money you’ll be saving money, while doing an active job, learning new skills and connecting with fellow travelers and discovering a new country!
  4. Go couchsurfing. Couchsurfing pretty much does what it says on the tin. People offer up couches, airbeds, spare rooms etc to travelers and many actually take their guests on tours of their cities/local areas. If you’re looking for free room and board, while roaming the world, this is a great potential option.
  5. House/Pet Sit. A great way to practically travel the world for free is to house sit and look after people’s pets when they go away. There are entire online communities now dedicated to pairing house/pet owners with travelers. If you love pets and can be flexible with your travel times, this could be the option for you.
Screenshot of travel the world as a volunteer with worldpackers page

Making the Most of World Travel

Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of your travels;


Apps are an absolute godsend! These days you can plan & book flights, hotel stays, walking tours, car hire, tour guides, trips, train travel, rail passes, etc, all on apps on your mobile phone.

You can use apps to help you research, plan, book & track your world adventures. You can even use apps to both make and save money!

Here’s a list of my favorite travel and money apps to help you achieve your travel goals;

App in the Air

Rome 2 Rio

Trip Advisor





Flight Aware





screenshot of image of flight aware app


Forums have been a lifesaver for us. These days it’s forums or FB groups we use. But I guarantee no matter what country you’re visiting there will be umpteen forums and groups with super helpful people willing to answer any and all questions.


Local events/meetups are a great way to meet and connect with other travelers/people with like-minded interests. Simply download the meetup app and search for events happening near you. Facebook events are another great way of seeing what’s happening in your area.

Travel Blogs

These days someone has already been where you are and written about it! Google your destination and preface with phrases like ‘ what to do in X’, or ‘best 3 day itinerary in X’ or even ‘tips for traveling safely in X’. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips!

Balancing work & play

If you are growing a lifestyle business or working as a freelancer, you’ll find it easy to get caught up in your work rather than explore the place you’re visiting. Be sure to balance working with exploring! Give yourself time to take a few days to focus on work and a few days to sightsee. Even change your accommodation options, staying in plain and functional rooms to focus on work with no distractions and then beautiful oceanfront apartments/hotels to relax and have a good time.

Even if you love your work, we all still need some downtime to connect completely with where we are.

image of a laptop on top of a wooden table with JBL speaker showing coconut trees on the background

Managing food options!

When my sister & I backpacked through India, we decided to go vegetarian for the duration of the trip to avoid deli belly. It worked! Not only are the Indians primarily vegetarians, which made it super easy to follow this diet, but we didn’t experience any tummy discomforts whatsoever.

Here in Thailand, they’re famous for cooking and eating street food, but does that mean you should do also? Well, when in Rome as they say, you want to be trying the local dishes and truly experiencing the country’s cuisine. It’s one of the highlights of traveling, however only you know how sensitive your belly is to foreign foods, so be sensible.

Never be afraid to ask what’s in a dish, learn the local words for no spice or no sugar or no msg, or no meat/bones, etc, if that’s important to you and do your homework. Find out what the best local dishes are, read other travelers’ experiences and respond accordingly.

Try as much as you can, but don’t get ill doing so!

By the way, Thai street food is the BEST!

image of korean chicken - thai street food inside of a styrofoam
Sumptuous Korean Chicken from the Phuket Town Walking Street Market

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must, particularly now with Covid cover! Many countries may stipulate that as a condition of entry. As a family, we use Cigna Global and they’ve been amazing (especially when I needed oxygen chamber treatment after suffering from decompression sickness.) They aren’t cheap, however, so here are some other players on the market;

World Nomads

IM Global

Safety Wing

Screenshot of img global website - travel insurance

Different Methods of Exploring the Country You’re In

Free walking tours

One of the best ways to see a city is to walk it! I’ve walked Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, Hong Kong and loads more. There’s no better way to take in all the sights and sounds, experience markets, boutique shops, street foods, street performers, and all sorts.

I still remember a food cart my sister & I came across in smoggy Beijing selling toffee-covered strawberries! It was the highlight of our day.

image of a woman in pink jacket eating toffee strawberries - beijing
My sister enjoying toffee strawberries in Beijing

All across the world, there are free walking tours available. Just google ‘free walking tours’ and the City you’re in. Most will simply give you a time and a place to meet and it’s up to you to turn up. The fee for a ‘free’ walking tour is the tip you choose to give the tour guide based on how great the tour was.

Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tours

One of my favorite ways to explore a city!

Most big cities offer Hop On/Hop Off Big Bus tours. Tours usually come with a pair of headphones you can set to your language and as you ride through the city, a recorded voice tells you what great sights you’re passing along with some history of the buildings and the culture as you go.

What I have learned about cities on big bus tours! You also have the option to hop off at different destinations around the city and hop back on at a different stop. It’s an amazing way to explore and hear the best stories of a city’s history and culture!

Tuk Tuks

A ‘tuk tuk’, otherwise known as an auto-rickshaw is a major mode of travel through many Asian, African, and Central/South American countries. It’s basically a three-wheeled carriage attached to a motorcycle chassis. It’s generally open-air and here in Thailand, many are ‘blinged up’ with multicolor disco lights, loud music, and a cheery driver looking for a good tip!

They’re a cheap (and generally pretty nifty) way of traveling through a city or town, zipping in and out of traffic, dodging traffic lights and allowing you to see all the sights as you pass by. Definitely worth a ride!


Tricycle taxis or cycle rickshaws are big in the Philippines and thank goodness they are! The traffic in the bigger cities is so bad, getting a taxi is rarely a good option, unless you want to sit for 3 hours to only go a few kilometers.

We also got a cycle rickshaw in India to travel through the old Delhi markets, had a hair-raising ride in the magical city of Nepal, and got totally ripped off, (albeit a fab experience) on a tricycle in Vietnam.

It’s a fabulous way to see the world around you, but be sure to ask how much upfront!

Me and my sister riding a tricycle while traveling through India


We jumped on a bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai and almost got completely scammed going from Delhi to Jaipur.

On my bucket list is taking the Trans Mongolian Express from Beijing to St Petersburg and the Indian Pacific Train going from Sydney to Perth.

Jumping on a train in a foreign country is a unique experience all on its own, a great way to see a lot of a country and well worth doing.


How do I start to travel the world?

Just decide that you’re going to. Sounds kooky, but so much of what you want to achieve in life is simply deciding that you want to. Then make it up as you go along!

For a step by step plan;

  1. Decide the kind of traveler/trip you want
  2. Create a bucket list of destinations
  3. Create a plan
  4. Start a lifestyle business/side hustle
  5. Save money
  6. Keep up to date with travel restrictions
  7. Research and start booking your travel

What’s the best way to travel the world?

My recommendation is to turn your passions into profits and start your own lifestyle business. Whether you become a travel blogger or influencer, sell products or videos, become a coach or consultant, or freelance for other businesses, the online world is your oyster!

How much money do you need to travel the world?

That completely depends on how you intend to travel. If you’re grabbing a backpack and are doing a hostel tour travel costs will be hugely different than if you’re planning to stay in nice hotels. Similarly, if you’re volunteering or house sitting you may have minimal accommodation costs throughout your trip.

The best thing to do is put together a monthly budget, researching and factoring in your likely costs for travel, food, entertainment, etc, and then work towards ensuring you have a few months in the bank before you go, or can earn money as you go either from your lifestyle business or paid work.

How can I travel the world for free?

I’m not one for saying something can’t be done as nothing is impossible, but to travel completely for free is a bit of a misnomer as even if you can cover your accommodation and flights costs you still have to eat right!? However, by volunteering, working on organic farms or couchsurfing, you’ll certainly minimize travel costs.

My favorite way to essentially travel for free is to earn more than it costs. To do that I recommend starting a lifestyle business doing something you love to do! Then, it doesn’t feel like you’re working at all. You’re earning while traveling and indulging in your favorite hobby as you go! It doesn’t come much free-er than that!

How do I get free flights?

There are two main ways to get free flights. If you’re already traveling a lot, you can join a frequent flyer program and generate points as you travel, which as they build up will results in enough for a free flight. Or you can get a couple of credit cards that offer rewards points as soon as possible and ensure all your purchases go through those credit cards, once again building up enough points to buy a flight or two!

How to travel the world and get paid?

My personal favorite is to start and grow your own lifestyle business. You’ll be traveling around, like I am, doing something you love every day, generating an income and seeing the world! Failing that, you can join sites like or and freelance your way around the world. Or you can become an English teacher or get odd jobs as you go!

How can I travel the world for a living?

You can consider travel jobs like being a flight attendant, working on a luxurious cruise ship, or teaching English overseas. Embrace the lifestyle of digital nomads. With online work, you can earn while exploring amazing places. If you have expertise in a niche, starting a lifestyle blog or vlogging about your journeys can generate income. Remember, traveling the world doesn’t always require a lot of money, especially if you focus on cheaper destinations like Southeast Asia or certain countries in Eastern Europe.

What is the ideal age to travel the world?

There’s no precise idea of the “perfect age” to travel. It depends on individual circumstances and preferences. For those looking to save, traveling during off-peak times or when one has more free time, like during a gap year, might be best.

Is it too late to travel the world at 40?

Absolutely not! Age is just a number. Many travelers in their 40s and beyond explore the world, often with more money and a clearer sense of what they want. It’s more about your mindset and willingness to experience other cultures.

What’s the easiest way to secure round-the-world tickets?

Look for airline alliances offering round the world tickets. They often provide best flight deals for an extended period. Plan your round the world itinerary well. Sometimes, tweaking one leg of your journey can save hundreds.

How can I travel the world solo?

Always keep safety in mind. Research your destinations and get a local sim card for emergencies. Stay in local guesthouses or hostels to meet fellow solo travelers. Be open to free activities and engage with local people. They can give insights that aren’t found in guidebooks. Use tools like Google Translate for easier communication in countries where you don’t know the language.

Is it OK to travel the world alone? Is it normal to travel solo?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal and can be an enriching experience. Solo travel allows for self-reflection and an unfiltered interaction with daily life in other cultures. Ensure you have a valid passport, are aware of any visa requirements, and understand the local customs of the places you visit.

Which country is best for solo travel?

Many factors play into this, but countries like Costa Rica, Thailand, and Portugal are popular among solo travelers due to their friendly locals, abundant activities, and safety. If on a shoestring budget, consider destinations like Southeast Asia or South America, where your money can go a long way.

How to travel the world and make money?

There are so many ways to make money as you travel. Particularly now in the digital age we’re living in. It’s easier than ever to generate an income online! Here are my top 10 ways to travel the world and make money;

  1. Become a freelancer
  2. Start a travel blog
  3. Become a travel influencer
  4. Start an ecommerce business selling print on demand or physical products
  5. Become an Amazon FBA seller
  6. Become a videographer/social media guru and offer your services to hotels as you travel
  7. Start a podcast, build an audience and sell sponsorship and advertising
  8. Build a niche site (in anything there is a passionate market for) and generate income from ads/affiliate marketing
  9. Become a course creator and sell your courses on udemy or skillshare
  10. Sell printables on Etsy

Additional Tips:

  • If planning to stay in a particular country for at least a month, consider renting a place instead of spending every few nights in hotels.
  • For budget travelers, Western Europe might be pricier. Consider Eastern Europe for similar experiences at discounted prices.
  • Look for travel credit cards that offer points on international travel. These can help cut costs on plane tickets.
  • Local food is often cheaper and a more authentic experience than eating at touristy places.
  • For those looking to travel around the world on very little money, consider jobs like working online, which can provide the freedom to live comfortably in various countries.
  • When planning to rent a vehicle, ensure you have an international driver’s license and be aware of additional fees rental companies might charge.
  • Lastly, whether planning a long trip or just escaping the rat race for a short while, always be open to new experiences and learning from every destination.
Image of a peaceful beace with sunset

How to Travel the World Summary

To travel the world is one of the greatest privileges of the 21st Century.

Other than being able to explore distant lands, experience different cultures, climates, foods and meet amazing people along the way, travel & tourism has also opened up developing countries and stimulated economies that would otherwise have struggled.

It was incredibly sad to see, just here in Phuket, how much of the local economy the pandemic decimated. People from all over Thailand come to work in a busy tourist destination like Phuket, sending money home to their families in the poorer farming communities.

When the pandemic hit many headed home to their farms but many had nowhere to go and relied on charitable donations just to eat. As much as I hate busy roads, to see the economy start to bounce back in the last year or so is fabulous. But Thailand is one of the wealthier developing countries so I hate to think what this has done to other neighboring regions.

If you have the chance to travel and to explore the world while having a positive impact on the local economy in any way you can, take it!

If by chance you’re a travel blogger, influencer, or writer and are telling the stories/shining a light on these countries then I commend and applaud your efforts.

Get off the beaten path. Take the road less traveled and see where it takes you. Perhaps like me, it will completely change your mindset and your life!

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