iVisa Review – Best for digital nomads and long term travelers?

No one wants to go through the arduous visa application process. It can take weeks and even months to get a visa application accepted through an embassy website.

This iVisa review will explain how you can bypass all the hassle and the benefits & pitfalls of using this e-visa service.

iVisa was created by a group of travelers who faced a tough time while acquiring an India tourist visa.

With iVisa, they aimed at eliminating confusing paperwork and reducing repeated trips to embassies and consulates related to the entire visa application process.

What is iVisa?

Screenshot of ivisa website

iVisa is an online service that issues travel documents and visas to travelers across the world.

Anyone willing to visit a foreign country with visa-restricted entry needs to visit an embassy or consulate to acquire a visa or apply for one upon arrival. This is very time-consuming.

iVisa eliminates this problem by issuing e-visa online, thereby saving the time required for visa application.

iVisa guarantees faster visa application processing than anywhere else in this world.

Who is iVisa for?

iVisa is for digital nomads, long term travelers and really anyone who wants to travel to a country with visa-restricted entry but wants to bypass the hassle associated with the visa application process.

However, you must remember that if you are using iVisa, you will be eligible for an e-visa only. You will not receive the traditional paper visa.

If you want a traditional paper visa, you must follow the usual visa application process or you can use the ‘guided application’ feature of iVisa.

Do remember that obtaining a visa yourself can be cheaper because iVisa will charge you for paperwork, administration, and service.

In case you are looking only for a Passenger Locator Form, I recommend getting that by yourself from your country’s Foreign Office website. Using iVisa makes sense when you need a visa or a health declaration.

iVisa Review: TL;DR

  • Provides an electronic visa that is electronically linked to your passport.
  • Offers fast processing options for an additional cost.
  • Provides physical or digital passport photos that are compliant with government regulations of different countries.
  • Offers passport renewal services, too!
  • Offers guided application for people who want a traditional visa through the embassy or consulate route.

iVisa Review 2022: Pros & Cons

ivisa pros and cons

iVisa Pros

  • Eliminates the lengthy and arduous international visa application process.
  • The entire process of visa application is online.
  • Visa checking tool to check visa requirements.
  • They allow Rush and Super Rush visa processing.
  • They offer guaranteed approval. In case of failure, they offer a full refund of the processing fee (not the government fee).
  • Provides exceptional customer service.

iVisa Cons

  • They don’t have a phone number to speak directly to a service agent.
  • You must always use their self-help tools for the entire visa process. They will help only when you face certain issues.
  • You must pay first before filling out the application form and submitting it.
  • You can pay only using a credit card or PayPal. They don’t allow using a debit card.

iVisa Review: Features

iVisa issues visas online and comes with various features (or rather services) that are very useful for travelers. The features or services offered by iVisa’s e-visa systems include:

User Interface

Screenshot of Ivisa site ui

The iVisa website is elegant with a clean and modern UI. The website can be accessed in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

The navigation is easily accessible with clearly defined menu options on the top.

Visa Service

Screenshot of ivisa services page

iVisa offers multiple travel visa services including printed e-visa, e-visa on arrival, health declaration form, and guided application.

Printed e-Visa

This is the commonest service they offer. You must pay the visa fee, which is essentially the government fee along with their service fee, and fill out an online application form & submit it.

iVisa will then deal with the embassy or consulate and send the e-visa via email. You can then take a print and present it along with your passport to the immigration officer upon entry to the destination country.

e-Visa on Arrival

In this electronic visa service, you will not receive an e-visa by email. Rather, you will receive a confirmation email that your electronic visa has been approved. You must carry your passport and the confirmation document to the country you are visiting.

When you arrive at your destination, the immigration experts at the airport will check the documents and issue a visa for you to travel.

The application process is the same. You must pay iVisa using your credit card or PayPal and then fill out the online application form. They will take care of the rest. You will receive an email once the application is approved.

Health Declaration

A health declaration is a formal document that declares that you are not suffering from COVID-19 or any other contagious disease. This formal document is required for the entry clearance process for certain countries.

iVisa helps you to receive the health declaration. You need to fill in the online application form, pay using your credit card or PayPal, and wait. iVisa immigration specialists will take care of the rest and send you the official document via email.

Once you reach the destination country, you can furnish the document at the airport.

Guided Application

iVisa also offers a guided application service to those who want traditional paper visas.

The process is simple. You fill out an online form with guidance from their didactic manual. You will also get personal help and guidance from iVisa experts.

Once you fill in the application form correctly, you need to send the required documents to the embassy or consulate. If called for, you must attend the visa interview. Once you pass the interview, you will receive your new visa.

Processing Options

Screenshot of Ivisa review visa processing types

For online visa issuance, iVisa offers a few processing options that include:

  • Standard Processing: your visa will be available in 24 hours.
  • Rush Processing: your visa will be available in 4 hours or so.
  • Super Rush Processing: your visa will be available within 30 mins to 60 minutes.

However, when you apply for a visa, the time required for visa processing will depend on the destination country. For example, an India tourist visa takes about 24 hours while a UK visit visa can take longer.

The above numbers are only estimates. You can learn about the time required for international visa processing using the calculator tool provided by iVisa.

Standard Processing is suitable if you are on a budget while Rush and Super Rush Processing make sense when you require your visa faster.

Passport Renewal

Screenshot of Ivisa passport renewal page

Apart from issuing e-visas and health declarations, iVisa also helps with online passport renewal. They provide a hassle-free experience and ensure that the renewal is error-free and compliant with government regulations.

Passport Photo

Screenshot of Ivisar eview passport photo service

iVisa offers a passport photo service, too. For an error-free process, you can use their mobile app (unfortunately available only for iPhone users). They will ensure that the passport photo is 100% compliant.

Not only do they provide photo services for passports, but they also extend the service for work permits, biometrics, green cards, diversity visa lottery, and general purpose.

You can receive the passport photos online in a digital format, or you can request a physical copy mailed to you. Their processing fee per photo is $1.37.

Easy Tools

iVisa offers two easy tools for checking the visa cost and visa requirements. Both tools are incredibly simple to use.

Screenshot of Turkey Visa Online Application

The first tool is available on the homepage of the iVisa website where you need to select your country and destination to check the visa requirements.

iVisa will show whether they can issue an electronic visa or not. You will also see other details like whether you need to stay quarantined upon arrival, health insurance requirements, etc.

Screenshot of ivisa review price calculator tool

The other tool is a calculator tool that will show you the price you must pay for acquiring a visa online through them.

iVisa Review: Pricing

Ivisa.com logo and Pricing with coins and dollar sign inside

There is no fixed pricing. The price you must pay will depend on the visa fee (or the government’s visa fee) and the processing fee.

Of course, the processing fee will vary depending on the type of processing you select when you apply for a visa online.

Standard processing is always the cheapest while super rush processing is always the most expensive option.

iVisa Review: Alternatives

Ivisa.com logo and FAQs with thinking cloud with Q&A on the inside

iVisa vs Passports and Visas

While iVisa is a solid option, you can always use the services of Passports and Visas if you need a visa or a passport quickly.

Passports and Visas offers expedited services and uses FedEx to deliver visas or passports in as little as a week. Sometimes, they can deliver visas faster.

On the contrary, iVisa can deliver electronic visas in as little as 15 minutes depending on your destination.

Also, Passports and Visas has a 4-step process that includes:

  • Apply online.
  • Wait for an account manager to be assigned.
  • Allow time for application processing.
  • Receive visa or passport via FedEx.

iVisa has a simpler 3-step process that includes:

  • Apply online.
  • Receive visa in email.
  • Present the document at the airport.

It is important to note that while iVisa will offer an electronic visa, Passports and Visas will offer a traditional visa.

iVisa vs VFS Global

If you need a visa, VFS Global is definitely a choice, and often the only choice considering that they have a monopoly because they have partnered with governments worldwide.

Unfortunately, not only do they have a terrible reputation, but users have also reported that they are often required to meet in person through an appointment. Even after appointments, people are made to wait for hours.

They are also not as fast as iVisa, and there have been instances where people had to cancel their trips altogether because of the delays.

But to be fair, certain offices of VFS Global across the world do provide stellar services comparable to that of iVisa.

iVisa vs CIBTvisas

CIBTvisas is another popular service with exceptional customer service. They also have a stellar report of ensuring that visas are delivered before the trip.

However, there is a small segment of unhappy customers who have reported missing a trip because of delays.

The most problematic area for CIBTvisas is the pricing segment. They do mention all applicable charges in fine print that most people don’t read. This approach has led to some nasty surprises for unsuspecting customers.

This is where iVisa trumps CIBTvisas because of absolute clarity in their pricing.

iVisa Review: FAQ


Is iVisa a Risk-Free Service?

Yes, iVisa is an efficient service without any risks. They have immigration experts who will look into your visa application to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

With iVisa, you can bypass the hassles that you would otherwise face if you apply for a visa through the official site of the embassy of a foreign country.

Also, since you will have immigration experts scrutinizing your application, you can avoid the exorbitant attorney fees that you would otherwise pay if you hire a migration lawyer.

Will iVisa Offer Approval Guarantee?

Yes, iVisa offers an approval guarantee. However, there can be many reasons why your visa application may be rejected.

In the event of a rejection, the iVisa refund policy states that you will receive a full refund of the service fee and they will process your application again without any additional fee.

However, do remember that they will not refund the visa fee or the government fee.

To ensure speedy approval, make sure that you are filling out the online form accurately and furnishing all required documents during the application.

How Much Do the iVisa Visa Services Cost?

There is no fixed cost for visa services offered by iVisa. It all depends on your destination country and the processing type you are selecting at the time of application.

For instance, a Vietnam visa for a UK resident costs $25 is the visa fee but for the same person, a China visa will not cost anything in government or visa fees.

However, there will be a separate iVisa service fee. The good news is that iVisa is one of the most affordable service providers with guaranteed approval.

How Fast Will iVisa Issue My Visa?

Just like the fee, the speed of visa issuance also varies depending on the destination.

For instance, a Vietnam visa that usually takes 7-10 working days through the embassy route is generally issued by iVisa within 5 days.

Just ensure that you are submitting all documents and filling up the form accurately to speed up the process and eliminate the possibility of rejection.

What is an e-Visa?

Unlike paper visas, electronic visas or e-visas are electronically linked to passports. However, an e-visa is an official document and must be printed one-sided on white A4 paper.

Unfortunately, not all countries have provisions for e-visas. The particular country that you want to visit may require you to carry an adequately stamped paper visa.

What is a Passenger Locator Form?

Some countries may require you to provide a passenger locator form prior to international travel. It is essentially a form that some countries use to obtain information about incoming travelers.

The form usually requires information such as journey details, stay details, contact, etc. The form can be physical or completely electronic.

Do I Need to Have a Travel Medical Insurance?

A valid travel medical insurance may be one of the required travel documents not just for acquiring an electronic visa but also for a traditional paper visa.

You can check the required documents through iVisa’s site. If you need travel medical insurance, they will clearly show that.

iVisa Review: Summary

iVisa is one of the most trustworthy electronic visa services in the world. They ensure hassle-free guaranteed approval as fast as possible.

If you need a visa you can use their services to ensure that the entire process is less stressful.

I will always recommend that you get your visa in time instead of using their expedited services which cost a lot more than a regular application.

Since I travel a lot, I find iVisa to be a very useful service because I can focus more on traveling and less on paperwork.

I hope this iVisa review has helped. Happy traveling!

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