11 Travel Tour Groups for 50+ Nomads

If you’re a 50+ digital nomad like me, you’ve likely explored countless destinations and embarked on many adventures throughout your life. You may not, however, have considered group travel before (I know I haven’t).

But choosing a tour group to travel with can make your trip truly unforgettable, especially when you find yourself surrounded by people of a similar age and with shared interests.

In this article, I’m exploring top travel groups aimed at the 50+ market.

From cultural immersions to leisurely explorations, these tour groups understand that we’re seasoned and experienced professionals seeking both adventure and community on the road.

Whether you’re looking to connect with like-minded travellers or just want a hassle-free way to see the world, this list is for you.

11 Travel Tour Groups for 50+ Nomads

1. Road Scholar

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Road Scholar offers an extensive range of tour packages such as educational tours that span across global destinations—from the ancient ruins of Greece to the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica.

Each tour is crafted to provide deep cultural and historical insights with expert-led lectures and field trips, making them particularly appealing for digital nomads, especially those aged 50 and above, who are seeking more than just a scenic getaway.

It was initially founded as Elderhostel in 1975, focused on enriching travel experiences for older adults.

The blend of structured learning with adventurous exploration makes Road Scholar an excellent choice for digital nomads looking to combine work, education, and travel seamlessly.

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2. Rolling Solo

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Rolling Solo Australia is an online community and travel organisation catering to mature women who enjoy exploring Australia through road trips and camping, either solo or in groups.

Their offerings are particularly appealing to 50+ digital nomads looking for adventures that are both safe and socially enriching.

They organise events such as national meet-ups, road trips, and camping adventures that allow members to explore Australia, from the rugged Outback to the pristine coastal areas, and also provide a supportive network.

A unique aspect of Rolling Solo is its focus on self-sufficient travelling, empowering women to manage their journeys independently with confidence.

This community-driven approach fosters deep connections among members, making it a standout choice for those seeking companionship and adventure in their travels.

screenshot of Rolling Solo adventures

3. ElderTreks

Screenshot of ElderTreks Landing page

ElderTreks is an adventure travel company specifically designed for active individuals aged 50 and over.

Offering small-group, exotic adventures in over 100 countries, ElderTreks caters to those who seek to combine their love for travel with physical activity and cultural immersion.

Their tours are tailored to engage travellers with the world around them, featuring activities like wildlife safaris in Africa, trekking through the Himalayas, and cultural tours in Latin America.

A key highlight for digital nomads in this age group is the blend of structured itineraries with ample opportunities for personal exploration and connection, allowing for both adventurous pursuits and professional obligations.

As the first adventure travel company to focus solely on travellers 50 and older, established in 1987, ElderTreks specialises in creating journeys that are both physically rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

Adventures Abroad is a travel tour provider that specialises in crafting culturally rich tours for mature travellers, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads aged 50 and above who are looking to explore the world.

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4. Adventures Abroad

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Their tours cover a diverse range of locations, from the ancient markets of Morocco to the vineyards of France, and from the temples of India to the rugged landscapes of Iceland.

What sets Adventures Abroad apart is their focus on small groups and expert local guides, ensuring personalised experiences and deep cultural insights, as well as customising packages for mature travellers with special needs or preferences.

Their itineraries are designed to balance structured activities with free time, offering flexibility for nomads who may need to balance work and exploration.

Adventures Abroad is also known for providing “off-the-beaten-path” experiences for younger and adventurous travellers, aiming to explore areas less touched by mainstream tourism, thereby offering more unique and immersive experiences.

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5. Explore! Worldwide

Screenshot of Explore! Worldwide Landing page

Explore! is a tour operator known for its wide range of adventure travel options that cater to a diverse audience, including the 50+ age group of digital nomads looking for a blend of excitement and culture.

They offer tours to over 130 countries, allowing travellers to choose from a variety of experiences such as walking and trekking tours in the Andes, cycling through Vietnam, or wildlife safaris in Africa.

You have an option to choose between four travel types: Trip Pace, Full-on Pace, Moderate Pace, and Relaxed Pace

Their emphasis on small group sizes and employing local guides enriches the travel experience, providing authentic insights into the local culture and environment.

Explore! also stands out for its commitment to responsible travel, with a focus on making a positive impact on the destinations they visit.

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6. Walking The World

Screenshot of Walking The World Landing page

Walking the World specialises in walking and hiking adventures specifically designed for travellers aged 50 and older.

Their tours focus on combining physical activity with cultural immersion, making it ideal for digital nomads who appreciate both nature and local heritage.

Popular destinations include the scenic landscapes of the United States, the historic routes of Europe, and the diverse terrains of South America.

Each journey is crafted to offer a blend of well-paced hikes, cultural visits, and ample opportunities for photography and leisure.

A key highlight for 50+ digital nomads is the balance between activity and relaxation, ensuring that participants can enjoy their surroundings without feeling rushed. Walking the World has been offering adventure travel specifically tailored for older adults since 1987, positioning themselves as leaders in creating engaging, age-appropriate travel experiences.

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7. Firebird Tours

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Firebird Tours is renowned for its private and small group tours across Europe, providing meticulously planned itineraries that emphasise cultural immersion and historical depth, making it an attractive option for digital nomads aged 50 and above seeking educational travel experiences.

Their offerings include a variety of destinations, from the classic architecture of Italy and the mediaeval castles of Germany to the rugged landscapes of Iceland and the historical splendours of Russia.

Firebird Tours specialises in hassle-free travel arrangements with a focus on luxury accommodations and expert guides, ensuring comfort and insightful experiences.

For digital nomads, the combination of cultural richness, structured flexibility, and professional support allows for an enjoyable and productive journey.

They are particularly noted for their comprehensive Trans-Siberian railway journeys, which provide an unparalleled opportunity to traverse the vast expanses of Russia in comfort.

Screenshot Europe Vacation Packages by Firebird

8. 50+ Voyagers

Screenshot of 50+ Voyagers Landing page

50+ Voyagers is a Bangalore-based service dedicated to enriching the travel experiences of the 50+ age demographic, focusing primarily on the unique needs and preferences of older adults.

This provider caters to both domestic and international destinations, offering meticulously planned tours that span the cultural backdrops of India, the scenic landscapes of Europe, and beyond.

Key features for digital nomads in this age group include a mix of leisure and cultural activities, ensuring a pace that respects the need for a balanced itinerary with time for rest or work.

Each tour is designed to offer comprehensive support, from managing health needs to providing comfortable accommodations, making it ideal for those who wish to explore without the stress of logistics.

The company prides itself on fostering a community feel among travellers, encouraging lasting friendships and deep connections through shared travel experiences.

screenshot of Group Tours Exclusively for Senior Citizens

9. Intrepid Travel

Screenshot of Intrepid Travel Landing page

Intrepid Travel is a globally recognized tour operator known for its authentic and sustainable travel experiences.

It became the first global tour operator to end elephant rides on their trips, highlighting their pioneering role in ethical tourism practices.

Catering to all ages, including the 50+ demographic of digital nomads, Intrepid offers a diverse range of trips that cover every continent, from the ice fields of Antarctica to the deserts of Africa, and the ancient sites of Asia to the vibrant cultures of South America.

Their small group sizes ensure personalised attention, fostering deeper connections with local cultures through real-life experiences like home-cooked meals with local families and guided tours by native experts.

For digital nomads, Intrepid’s commitment to responsible travel is a major draw, aligning with values of sustainability and community impact.

Additionally, their trips offer flexible pacing to accommodate work commitments alongside travel.

screenshot of Intrepid Travel top trip packages

10. On The Go Tours

Screenshot of On The Go Tours Landing page

On The Go Tours is a multi-awarded tour operator that specialises in cultural and adventurous group tours that span globally, from the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the bustling markets of India, and the iconic landscapes of New Zealand.

This tour provider also caters effectively to the 50+ age group, including digital nomads, by offering a mix of guided explorations and ample free time, allowing for a balance of structured cultural immersion and personal or work-related activities.

Their tours are designed to be accessible and engaging, with options for more relaxed pacing and comfortable accommodations, ensuring that travel is enjoyable and not exhausting.

For those interested in history and culture, On The Go Tours provides expert local guides who bring deep insights into the destinations’ heritage.

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11. Wandering Earl Tours

Screenshot of Wandering Earl Tours Landing page

Wandering Earl Tours offers unique, small-group travel experiences led by Derek Earl Baron, who has been continuously travelling and blogging since 1999.

While not exclusively established for any specific age group, this brand is particularly appealing to 50+ digital nomads due to its focus on authentic, off-the-beaten-path destinations combined with personal touches that enhance the travel experience.

Tours are designed to immerse participants deeply into the local culture through activities like meals with local families and visits to lesser-known sites, providing a deeper understanding of each region.

Locations covered include the intriguing landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, the vibrant streets of India, and the historical richness of Romania.

Wandering Earl Tours was conceived after its founder’s nomadic lifestyle adventures, which began with a three-month trip to Southeast Asia that turned into over two decades of world exploration, laying the foundation for these uniquely crafted tours.

screenshot of Wandering Earl 2025 Tours

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Pros and Cons of Travel Tour Groups

Travel tour groups can offer a structured and supportive way for nomads of any age to explore new destinations while working remotely.

Choosing whether to join a travel tour group involves weighing the pros and cons against your personal preferences, travel style, and professional needs as a digital nomad.

This decision can significantly influence your travel experience, either enhancing it with ease and companionship or constraining it with schedules and added costs.

Pros of Travel Tour Groups for 50+ Nomads

1. Convenience and Ease: Travel tour groups take care of all the planning, from itineraries to accommodations and transportation. This removes the stress of logistics, especially in regions where language barriers or complex travel networks might pose a challenge.

2. Social Opportunities: These tours provide a built-in community of fellow travellers. For digital nomads who often move solo, this can be a significant advantage, offering instant connections and companionship.

3. Safety and Security: Travelling with an organised group can provide a sense of security, which is particularly appealing for those travelling to less familiar or potentially challenging destinations.

4. Enhanced Learning Experiences: Guided tours often come with knowledgeable leaders who provide valuable insights into the local culture, history, and attractions, enriching your travel experience.

Cons of Travel Tour Groups for 50+ Nomads

1. Less Flexibility: Scheduled tours follow a fixed itinerary. For digital nomads used to setting their own schedules, this can feel restrictive and may interfere with work demands or personal exploration preferences.

2. Higher Costs: While offering convenience, these tours can be more expensive than independent travel. The cost includes not just the direct services received but also the overhead associated with organising these tours.

3. Pace and Interests: The pace of a group tour may not match your personal preference. Some may find the activities too fast-paced or physically demanding, while others may find them too slow or lacking in adventure.

4. Limited Cultural Immersion: Travelling in a tour group can sometimes insulate you from local experiences. The structured nature of these tours often means sticking to well-trodden tourist paths and not engaging deeply with the local environment or people.

Travel Tour Groups for 50+ Nomads – Summary

Personally, for most of my travel I like to go it alone, capitalising on the flexibility of setting my own schedule without having to worry about what anyone else is doing.

However, for places I might feel a bit nervous about visiting or know I need to stick to only certain areas a tour group with expert knowledge could be a great way to explore somewhere I might not visit alone.

Also from a learning or improving skills/knowledge perspective, some of these tours sound amazing! (If not a bit pricey).

Overall engaging in travel tour groups offers numerous advantages for 50+ digital nomads looking to enrich their globetrotting lifestyle. These groups provide structured, secure environments that allow for meaningful exploration without the stress of planning, whether it’s immersing in the historical depth of Europe, navigating the landscapes of Asia, or experiencing the cultural richness of South America.

With tailored approaches considering pace, accessibility, and interests, these tours can be transformative, enhancing the digital nomad experience with safety, learning, and genuine enjoyment. Plus, the opportunity to connect with fellow nomads who share similar lifestyles and values can make your journey even more fulfilling.

So, if you’re ready to take your travels to new heights and create unforgettable memories, consider joining a tour group designed for 50+ digital nomads. Your next adventure awaits!

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Travel Tour Groups- FAQs

How do I find Digital Nomad Communities?

Finding a community of like-minded digital nomads can greatly enhance your travels and work experience. Start by looking online—platforms like Meetup, Facebook groups, and dedicated digital nomad forums such as Nomad List are excellent resources. These platforms often have location-specific groups, making it easy to connect with others in your current or future destinations. Additionally, consider co-working spaces, which are hubs for digital nomads and often host events and social gatherings.

Popular destinations for digital nomads often include cities that offer a blend of good infrastructure, affordable living, and a vibrant community. Bali, Chiang Mai, Lisbon, and Medellín are top choices due to their welcoming atmosphere, high-speed internet, and plenty of leisure activities suitable for all ages. These cities also have a reputation for being safe and hospitable, which is crucial for those enjoying their nomadic lifestyle later in life.

How do Digital Nomads Meet People?

Meeting people as a digital nomad can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Participate in local events, workshops, and seminars that cater to digital nomads and expatriates. Co-working spaces are also fantastic for meeting fellow travellers and locals alike. Additionally, casual cafes and popular tourist spots are great places to strike up conversations. Apps like Tandem or HelloTalk can also help you meet locals and practise the local language, enhancing both your social and cultural experience.

How do I Join a Digital Nomad Community?

Joining a digital nomad community often starts with online engagement. Sign up for forums and groups dedicated to nomadic living, and participate actively in discussions. Once you arrive at a new destination, look for community meetups, networking events, and social gatherings. Many cities have regular “nomad coffee” meets or similar events. Also, some online platforms offer membership plans that provide access to community-led events, retreats, and resource sharing.

What are the Best Online Resources for 50+ Digital Nomads?

For those over 50, additional resources might focus on comfort, health, and convenience while maintaining an adventurous spirit. Websites like Senior Nomads, The Senior Nomad Blog, and Sixty and Me provide travel tips, financial advice, and community stories that resonate with older nomads. These platforms often discuss topics like health insurance abroad, managing a retirement income while travelling, and stories from other senior nomads that can be both inspiring and instructive.

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